Home Learning 27.4.20


Week beginning 27.4.20

Please complete the Year 4, Week 2 learning resources on the White Rose Maths website. This week you will continue to learn about decimals

The link is: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-4/

 You will be learning about:

  • Divide 2 digits by 10
  • Hundredths
  • Hundredths as decimals
  • Hundredths on a place value grid
  • Divide 1 or 2 digits by 100

The lessons in blue are linked to your Stage 4 KIRFs.

Once you have watched the video, complete the questions in your workbooks. After that, you can check your answers with a grown up.

If you are finding the links tricky, please follow the step by step guide in the PDF below. 

In addition to TT Rockstars, children can follow the links below to play on other maths games to develop their wider arithmetic skills.
 We would like you to choose another spelling rule from the list and practice this week. 
The list of spelling rules is attached as a PDF below. 
There are lots of different ways you can practice your spellings. 
For example: Rainbow words, fancy writing, pyramid words, writing words out three times, air writing, bubble writing, silly sentences and many more!
El Dorado - Week 2 
We hope you enjoyed creating your own characters for your story last week!
This week, the learning is all about writing a letter. 
Follow the same links that you did last week to access the lessons. 
If you would like to share these with us, take a picture and attach them to an email to the school office and I'll share them on our class page.  
I'm looking forward to seeing what you write!
It's important to make sure that you keep active whilst at home. Follow the links below for PE lessons with Joe Wicks and dance lessons with Oti Mabuse.
History - Romans
The Romans were fantastic engineers. 
Your task this week is to research aqueducts. What were they used for? How were they made? Why were they important? Are there any aqueducts near Bradford?
Once you have researched aqueducts, your task is then to make one using items from your home. 
With a grown up, could you test it to see if it works?
I'd like to see pictures of your work, either of your models or research. Email them to school and I will put them onto our class page.