Home Learning 11.5.20

Hello to all our Year 4 children, parents and carers!


We are missing everyone and hope you are all well and staying safe. We have updated the home learning for Year 4 ready to start next week.

As we are missing everyone, we thought that it would be a lovely idea to share any completed work or activities that you have done during the week. This could be any set task, daily exercise, baking, cooking, gardening, art and craft projects or books you are reading and would recommend to others. The list is endless! If you could take a picture and attach it to an email to the school office or via the e-schools website, we will share them on our website. We may also add in some pictures of our own!

Communication is limited at the moment, however, if you would like to ask us a question or chat about any tasks that have been set, please email us through the school office or via the e-schools website and we will get back to you as soon as we can. E-schools would perhaps be easier as we can message you back directly and children can message us too.

Below, we have outlined the tasks we have set for this week. More detailed information can be found further down this page. It is important to note that in addition to these tasks, we do expect that all children read every day, practice TT Rockstars as often as possible and most importantly, have some fun! We recognise that most of these tasks involve the use of technology. This is because in regards to Purple Mash and TT Rockstars, we can track the work that children have completed. In addition to this, we have tried to set children exciting tasks such as El Dorado and to cover a range of curriculum areas.  If this is causing an issue, please get in touch and we will try our best to put alternative provision in place.

Take care everyone. Don’t forget to send us your photos!


Miss Philip and Mr Hodges.


Work specifically for WC 11.5.20


In school, we follow the White Rose Maths Small Steps. See below for this week's maths. 

English / Reading


Reading  - Answer the questions and explain why you think this using clues in the text.
1) What do you think the troll is thinking?

2) Do you think he means to cause all this fuss?

English - Complete an ‘I see, I think, I wonder’  This is a task we regularly use in school to think carefully about pictures.

E.g   I see a red house.  I think it is by the sea.   I wonder who lives there.



Reading – Today imagine you are one of the people and answer these questions.
1) How will the people deal the troll?
2) Would you try to catch him or communicate with him?
Challenge - Write a conversation using direct speech where people debate what is best to do.

English – Today we would like you to describe what you can see in the picutre using expanded noun phrases (ENP). We have used these in Yr 3 and 4.    Further information can be found here. 

The below video link may help. 

An ENP is where you describe a noun with additional information. 
Adjective  noun with extra information is a simple structure  Below are examples.

The tall boy with ginger hair.   The wooden building with red paint.      The giant monster with horns.  

Your challenge is to write a paragraph describing the city using expanded noun phrases. Try to describe the 5 senses you could experience if you were there.


Wednesday     English /Reading
 When faced with a problem, what are the best ways to deal with it?
Think carefully about this question generally and maybe examples in school. You could answer the question by drawing a storyboard or cartoon that shows it.

Thursday             English /Reading

Think about these questions.
Where do you think the troll has come from? What do you think the rope around the troll’s waist is for?

From this and the work earlier in the week, either we want you to write a diary from the perspective of the troll or the people who live there for the day the troll arrived. Imagine you are one of the characters and describe your day thinking about what happened and how you felt. Try use the expanded noun phrases from Tuesday.

Friday             English /Reading
Story time. Today pick one of the story openings and continue it using your imagination about what might happen.

Option 1 - Thump! He slammed his enormous, grass covered foot into the middle of the road, sending shockwaves of dust and debris in all directions.

Option 2 - With a loud grunt, the troll wrenched the entire fully tiled roof off a nearby holiday home, with the owners peering helplessly on out of the downstairs windows. He didn’t mean any harm, but he just couldn’t help himself…

Try to describe people using expanded noun phrases
-Include direct speech for what people might say
-Use adverbs to describe how people or the troll do something  e.g jumped aggressively


Week beginning 11.5.20

Please complete the Year 4, Summer Term – Week 2 (w/c 27th April) learning resources on the White Rose Maths website. This week you will complete the decimals learning and begin to learn about money.

The link is: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-4/

 You will be learning about:

  • Round decimals
  • Halves and quarters
  • Pounds and pence
  • Ordering money
  • Maths challenge

Once you have watched the video, complete the questions in your workbooks. After that, you can check your answers with a grown up.

If you are finding the links tricky, please follow the step by step guide in the PDF below. 

In addition to TT Rockstars, children can follow the links to play on other maths games to practice their wider arithmetic skills. 
Watch the below video about sound.
task 1 - explain how sounds are hear
task 2 - draw a diagram which shows how sounds are made 
task 3 - Have a go at the rubber band can task.  

Think about what questions you have from watching the band vibrate. Can you investigate your questions. 
e.g   Does a wider can create a louder sound?
Does a thinner rubber band change the sound? 
We would like you to choose another spelling rule from the list and practice this week. We would also like you to continue with your Word Mountains. I have attached a copy of the spelling rules, Word Mountains and a list of statutory spellings for Year 3 and 4. 
There are lots of different ways you can practice your spellings. 
For example: Rainbow words, fancy writing, pyramid words, writing words out three times, air writing, bubble writing, silly sentences and many more!
El Dorado - Week 4
I hope you enjoyed writing your diary last week!
This week, the learning is even more exciting. You are going to write your own script!
Follow the same links that you have done previously to access the lessons. 
If you would like to share these with us, take a picture and attach them to an email to the school office and I'll share them on our class page.  
I'll look forward to seeing what you write!
It's important to make sure that you keep active whilst at home. Follow the links below for PE lessons with Joe Wicks and dance lessons with Oti Mabuse.
History - Romans 
The Romans believed in many different Gods and Goddesses. 
Your task this week is to research different Roman Gods and Goddesses. Why were they important to the Roman people? How did they worship them? Are there any Gods or Goddesses that you think are really important? Why?
After you have completed your research, your task is to create a set of Top Trump cards based on what you have found out.
I'd really like to see them, so take a photo and email them to the school office and I'll put them onto our class page.