Home Learning - Week 5


Design a poster to remind yourself of all the amazing things you can do. You can include as many from your list of ten as you can, but you must include at least 3 things.


Read your book for 15 minutes. Write a quiz about your book and ask a member of your family to read it and complete it.

Word Mountains

It would be a great time to practise your word mountains.
Why not try starting from word mountain one and working your way through. This would be a great idea to revisit what you already know and practise on the words you find tricky.



It is always a good idea to practise what you already know. Work through the KIRFS so that you can become faster at recalling the facts. You do not need to work through them all at once. Maybe try one section at a time until you fully master it!


Get fit with Joe Wicks!
In school we use the White Rose Maths scheme to teach our children.
To help support your child at home, I have attached a list of links to the videos to watch and learn and questions to answer.
To support your child, I have also included the answers
A clause is a group of words that has a subject and a verb.
There are 2 types of clause.
A main clause that makes sense on its own. e.g. I will bring my umbrella.
A subordinate clause that does not make sense on its own. e.g. (if)it rains tomorrow
A subordinate clause follows a subordinating conjunction e.g. before, because, so that, after, when, if.
Make sentences by matching the main clause with the subordinate clause and linking them with a subordinating conjunction.


Find a quiet space – in your bedroom, on a sofa, under a table, in a den or outside. You may like to put some relaxing music on to help you.  

Spend some time just sitting still. It may be hard! What are you thinking of? 

Perhaps you are thinking of a holiday, TV programme, your friends, something you want to do when we can go out again like go swimming or to the park. Your mind is probably filled with lots of things.

Using a blank piece of paper, fill in the paper with all your images and then talk to an adult about them.

Some of these things might make you feel upset, but that's okay. Talk to adult about how you are feeling and how maybe they can organise for you to do one of your activities when you can.