Home Learning - Week 4

Reading – 15 minutes

Read your favourite book. Write about who your favourite character is and why.


Design your own Easter Egg box to show some part of the Christian Easter story celebrating Jesus rising from dead, rather than chicks and bunnies.
· Decide what part of the story you will include in your design.
· Decide what colours you are going to use.
· Decide if you are going to use just square box or if your box will have a shape associated with the Easter story. If you can’t remember the Easter Story watch this video to help you:




Look online at chocolate wrapper designs.

Look at:

  • Colours
  • Font style
  • Pictures
  • Slogans
  • Patterns

Design your own chocolate bar wrapper. Draw it in your home learning book. Think about what you liked when you tasted chocolates on Monday. Perhaps some of this will appear on your wrapper?

Can you blend colours and use your shading techniques from when we drew eyes to make it look more realistic?

Get fit with Joe Wicks!
Use this booklet to help you practise your handwriting. We write more in school than we do at home so this is a good way of keeping your hands busy!
You can copy the letters and words out in your yellow exercise book.

Watch the video from the Literacy Shed below and answer the questions:

1. What is the man travelling in?
2. Where do you think the man was going?
3. Why do you think there were turtles floating in the sky?
4. Where do you think they were going?
5. What time of day is it?
6. How did the man feel when the rope snapped?

Use adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions to write about what happens next.

Think describing:
What the man looks like
the texture and colour of the turtles
the colour of the sky.

Can you add speech to your story?


Word Mountains

It would be a great time to practise your word mountains.
Why not try starting from word mountain one and working your way through. This would be a great idea to revisit what you already know and practise on the words you find tricky.



It is always a good idea to practise what you already know. Work through the KIRFS so that you can become faster at recalling the facts. You do not need to work through them all at once. Maybe try one section at a time until you fully master it!

In school we use the White Rose Maths scheme to teach our children.
To help support your child at home, I have attached a list of links to the videos to watch and learn and questions to answer.
To support your child, I have also included the answers