Home Learning - Week 2

Why not try some of these fun activities at home.

Maths and English

Here a range of English and maths questions to work through. These questions relate to what we have been learning in year 3 this year.
Parents, I have included the answer booklet for you.

 Word Mountains

It would be a great time to practise your word mountains.
Why not try starting from word mountain one and working your way through. This would be a great idea to revisit what you already know and practise on the words you find tricky.



It is always a good idea to practise what you already know. Work through the KIRFS so that you can become faster at recalling the facts. You do not need to work through them all at once. Maybe try one section at a time until you fully master it!

 Design Technology 
Design a photo frame. 

Take a look at the video for inspiration. 
Your task is to plan, design and make a photo frame.

You can make the frame using items you have in your home.

With an adult, think about parts of a photo frame.

How does it stand up? How does it look? How easy is it to put a photograph in? How well does it display the photograph? Who would use it? What kind of picture is it for? Where would it stand?

Plan: Think about the equipment you will need: which items will you need? How many items will you need? What shape will the outside be? Which parts will it use to balance? What kind of stand support will you need? Where can you attach this?  What will you use to make the support?


Design: What will you need the frame to do in order to be successful?
1. Stand up supported only by its stand
2. Display a photograph
3. Easy to get photo in and out

How will your frame look? 
Think about:

Basic frame shape (think of user’s preferences)
Size of frame
Front and back view
How it will stand up
Colours and design
Think about who your frame is for, is there a theme you can add to your design?
Materials to be used for the frame and for the decoration.


Make: Using the items and equipment in your plan, put your plan and design together. Be careful when using scissors and other sharp objects.


Evaluate: is there anything that needs to change? Could you have made the money box a different way? Is there anything that can be improved? If you were to make it again, what changes would be made?


Learning outcomes: rolling, folding, layering, joining and reflecting on their work.