Home Learning - Week 13

Well done for taking part in the last battle against 3R.
The scores at the end of the battle were
3R                            3J
788                       3975

  Well done to everyone who took part again this week!
I have set up the next battle.
You have until the 13th of July to lead our class to victory!
The class battles will take place each week until the end of term.

Log in to TT rockstars using your school login details - if you need your account details, send me a message via e-schools.
English - Revision pack
Complete the revision pack to help you remember what you have learnt this year in year 3 and to work on areas you need support with.
There are lots of activities for you to access using Serial Mash on Purple Mash.
Your school login details can be used to access this.
Science - Plants
Watch the videos on BBC Bitesize and complete the online quiz for each video.
Make as many notes as you can to help you - you can then use this information to create a poster about plants.
Try the following activity by reading the activity card and watching the video.

If you enjoyed this activity, you could try 'move to the beat extravaganza' using the following link or you could choose another PE activity that is more up your street.


Maths -  2D/3D Shapes
In school we use the White Rose Maths scheme to teach our children.
To help support your child at home, I have attached a list of links to the videos to watch and learn and questions to answer.
To support your child, I have also included the answers.
Try these additional maths questions. These questions are based on your reasoning skills and are the type of questions you would be asked during your assessments.
Read the short text and answer the questions.
Adults, the answers are on the next page for you!
Mental Health and Well-being
I want to ensure you are all looking after your health as well as your well-being. Being at home can make it hard to stay positive at times so have a look at the calendar below for fun activities to do with your family.
Follow the link for other activities.
Use the website to help you practise the statutory spellings.