Home Learning - Week 12

I hope you are all well and enjoyed the beautiful weather last week. This week looks a bit dull so I have included activities you can do inside on the rainy days to come.
Keep a look out at what your friends have been doing on our class page home learning: what we have been up to.
I have had some technical difficulties with Marvelous Me this week and have sent you all a message via E-schools.
If there is anything you need this week, don't hesitate to contact me.
Mrs Javed
New class letter
As you now know, Mr Hodges will be your new teacher. I think it would be a great idea for you to write him a letter, I'm sure he would love to read this and get to know you before you start in year 4 in September.
Don't forget to show Mr Hodges your best work by including your best handwriting, capital letters, commas, full stops, finger spaces and add extra detail where you can.
Here are a few things you could include:
  • Your name
  • Your birthday 
  • Your hobbies or what you enjoy doing in and out of school
  • Who you live with and if you have any pets
  • What topics you like learning about or what you want to learn more about
  • What you are excited about for year 4
  • what you have been doing during your time off school.
Make your letter stand out by adding a border and a picture.
You can send your letter to me and I will forward it on to Mr Hodges or you can deliver it directly to the school office.
Well done for taking part in the last battle against 3R.
The scores at the end of the battle were
3R                            3J
1000                         2347

  Well done to everyone who took part again this week!
I have set up the next battle.
You have until the 6th of July to lead our class to victory!
The class battles will take place each week until the end of term.

Log in to TT rockstars using your school login details - if you need your account details, send me a message via e-schools.
English - Speech marks
This week you will be adding speech marks and creating your own speech sentences.
Watch the video and complete the two sheets.
Maths - Angles
Below is this week's White Rose Maths lessons and tasks.
You can also find useful activities on: https://kids.classroomsecrets.co.uk/
You will need to create an account to access the resources.
Continue to master your word mountains this week. You can also use the task sheet below to find online activities to do to help you learn different spellings.
Create a fact file on Judaism using the information below.
This week you will be working on your inference skills. We have done some work on this last term. To infer you must find evidence in the text and use your own experiences to work out what is not directly said. This skill is quite challenging. Try the task below.
This week keep fit by taking part in Cosmic Yoga. Click on the link below.



Maths - Revision
Why not try this revision booklet to work on everything you have learnt so far in year 3.
Ask an adult to mark your work and see which areas you find tricky.
You can send me a message if there is anything you need help with or if you would like more work in a particular maths area.
Try these writing challenges. As minimum you should complete one a day.
Try one of these science experiments at home.
I would love to see pictures of how you made them and how your experiment turns out.



Don't forget you can use the Language Angels website to brush up on our Spanish!
There are lots of wonderful online lessons you can access at home that are easy to use. 


The login details are:


Username: Blakeh1017

Password: lahome


For more information, please click on the link, which includes a handy 'how to' video or see the instructions the below!




Once you login, your child can choose any of the units on offer. The 'Entry Level' units are the most straightforward. 



Read a piece of text for 15 minutes, this can be a newspaper, a letter, leaflet or book. Choose five new words find out the meaning and write a sentence for each one. 


BBC Teach invites you to take part in a specially created live programme all about emotional wellbeing.

In this 30-minute live, interactive lesson, you willl be exploring:

  • recognising emotions;
  • developing resilience and a growth mindset; and
  • tips for self-care.

These are all flags of countries in Europe.  How many do you recognise? How many can you name?

Choose one that you don't know and find out what country it represents and what language is spoken in this country.