Home Learning - Week 10

Well done for taking part in the last battle against 3R.
The scores at the end of the battle were
3R                            3J
    915                        4073
Well done to everyone who took part again this week!
I have set up the next battle.
You have until the 22nd of May to lead our class to victory!

Log in to TT rockstars using your school login details - if you need your account details, send me a message via e-schools.
Also use the link below to access the Hit the Button game.
Fathers day
On Sunday 21st June, Father's Day s celebrated in the UK.
You can celebrate Father’s Day with the special people in your life.
You may choose to make a card for your dad, mum, granddad, grandma, auntie, uncle or any member of your family who you cherish.
Research and have a look at some designs online or use your own. Here are some ideas below.
English - Grammar
Use the sheet below to practise your understanding of nouns, adjectives and verbs.
Maths - Subtract Fractions
In school we use the White Rose Maths scheme to teach our children.
To help support your child at home, I have attached a list of links to the videos to watch and learn and questions to answer.
To support your child, I have also included the answers.
English - Punctuation
Identify and apply different punctuation into the writing extract on this sheet.
To remind you about all the different punctuation you can use in your writing, use this website to help you.
Each reading task has a star at the bottom of the sheet. 1 star is work that is more straightforward to complete whereas 3 stars is the more challenging work. There are parents answers too.
Compare and contrast a modern home to a Stone age home.
What is the same?
What is different?
Why are certain materials used?
How many people would fit inside the homes?
Think of as many differences as you can and write these down.
Try these three different comprehension tasks to find out more about the Bronze age, Iron age and Stone age.
Each reading task has a star at the bottom of the sheet. 1 star is work that is more straightforward to complete whereas 3 stars is the more challenging work. There are parents answers too.
Spellings - Suffix ed
suffix is a letter or group of letters that goes on the end of a word and changes the word's meaning.
Organise the words so their spelling and meaning changes by adding an ed to the end.
Take the quiz on the website below.
In light of the Black Lives Matter movement, a list of books have been collated that feature black characters in the forefront of the stories - boys, girls and some famous figures!  
Scan the QR code using a iPad or a phone to listen and read to the books.
If you cannot access them using the QR code you can type the book name into YouTube.
Think about the foods you eat everyday. What nutritional value do they have? This means, what is in your food that is good for your body?
Use the diary below to record the foods that you eat and note if you need to make any changes to your diet.
 Design Technology - Cooking and Nutrition
Watch and learn how to make prehistoric cheese.
You will need:
a saucepan
a cotton cloth
Let me know how it tastes!
Follow the link below for fun and active learning videos to get you active at home covering Maths, English, PSHE and languages.
Health and Well being
Open the link below to read Everybody Worries by Jon Burgerman.

Create your own worry character. Cut it out and place it in your house. You can imagine feeding your character all of your worries and letting them go.
Make a list of worries to either tell your character or an adult about.

Word Mountains

It would be a great time to practise your word mountains.
Why not try starting from word mountain one and working your way through. This would be a great idea to revisit what you already know and practise on the words you find tricky.



It is always a good idea to practise what you already know. Work through the KIRFS so that you can become faster at recalling the facts. You do not need to work through them all at once. Maybe try one section at a time until you fully master it!


Learn how to write a pop song with the famous singer and classical music artist Myleene Klass.
DK Find Out
They have some excellent information on the Stone Age – can you do some research and present it in an interesting way?