Holiday Dates

  Hello everyone.

  At Blakehill, we believe that good attendance at school provides us all with the best possible chances of future success. By coming to school daily, our children receive a full, balanced and varied curriculum that supports the education and well-being of the whole child.
We work hard to maintain high attendance outcomes and tackle poor attendance robustly. Staff work closely with parents and Governors to ensure that each child has every opportunity to attend school as often as possible.
  Our newsletters regularly remind parents about the importance of good attendance and shares with them attendance news and updates. 100% attendance is recognised weekly on an individual and class basis.
   We aim that every child achieves at least 96% attendance each academic year.
Together We Can Blakehill!
Please make sure that all holidays are taken outside of term time to ensure that your child receives the education they need and deserve
Remember: Every lesson of every day counts.
Holiday dates for 2020-2021
Autumn 1 - School opens: Thursday 3rd September - School closes: Friday 23rd October 2020
Autumn 2 - School Reopens: Monday 2nd November - School closes: Friday 18th December 2020
Spring 1 - School reopens: Tuesday 5th January - School closes: Friday 12th February 2021
Spring 2 - School reopens: Monday 22nd February - School closes: Friday 26th March 2021
Summer 1 - School reopens: Monday 12th April - School closes: Friday 21st May 2021
Summer 2 - School reopens: Monday 7th June - School closes: Friday 23rd July 2021