History and Geography at Blakehill

History and Geography at Blakehill


History and Geography are a key part of the Foundation Studies Curriculum at Blakehill with both subjects explored in Topic and English lessons. Pupils are given the opportunity to learn key facts about our world and its past as well as important investigative skills such as interpreting sources and field study exploration.

All children are taught History and Geography throughout the school and units are structured so that new learning links to prior knowledge. Teaching and learning is linked to National Curriculum objectives and Chris Quigley milestones.

Each year, we have a whole school focus on an aspect of History or Geography which adds to the learning which occurs as part of our timetabled curriculum.



In History, children develop their chronological understanding of British, local and world history exploring time periods from the Stone Age through to World War 2. They make comparisons between different time periods and modern life in order to note differences and similarities and form opinions of the time period studied.


Children are taught a range of topics, with opportunities to explore both modern and ancient history. In all of their learning, we encourage our children to notice and comment on the difference between then and now and the time context of new topics is established in relation to periods of history they have already covered.

In Key Stage 1, children learn key facts about the history of Britain and our local area. They explore important places and people as well as significant events such as The Great Fire of London. Through these topics, our children have the opportunity to visit many places of historical interest such as Skipton Castle and Saltaire as well as make visits to museums in order to expand on the learning they have been doing in the classroom. 

In Key Stage 2, our children explore the history of an aspect of our local area in more detail, learn about key events in British history and how that changed the way our country developed as well as learn about the ancient history of Egypt, Greece and the Mayan civilisation. Through their learning they participate in role play, benefit from in school visits and go on trips to local museums or sites of interest such as, Danelaw and Bradford Industrial Museum to enrich their experiences and learning.


At Blakehill, we place importance on the development of historical thinking as well as knowledge by providing lots of opportunities for our children to develop inquiry skills. We provide the environment for children to ask and answer questions by exploring a range of primary and secondary sources.



In Geography, we equip our children with knowledge and understanding of the world they live in. Through this we encourage them to ask key questions about the countries and landscapes in our world. We do this to foster a curiosity and fascination of where we live and its people.


In Key Stage One, our children develop awareness of their locality and what our world looks like. They learn key vocabulary such as continents, oceans and cities as well as locational words such as equator and North and South pole in order to talk about this. This is to provide them with a solid, basic understanding of world which they can then build upon in Key Stage Two.

In Key Stage Two, children develop their knowledge of The United Kingdom, exploring human and physical features such as rivers, coasts and settlements. They also expand their learning of these features to Europe, North and South America. They carry out more map work learning key vocabulary such as North, South Hemisphere and Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.


We provide our children with the opportunity to develop key geographical skills such as working with a range of different maps, using a compass to navigate, sketching maps of localities and creating graphs to present what they have learnt.