Extra Club

Play Opportunities

At Extra Club we provide a rich learning environment for the children. Our continuous provision ensures children can access play opportunities/activities/toys which they are familiar with. In addition to continuous provision the sessions are enhanced with extra play opportunities to provide an environment that is highly interesting and motivational. This is extremely important as children learn at their highest level when playing. This also ensures that all the six areas of learning for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage are included.

Our learning environment and all of our play opportunities are thoroughly risk assessed.

These include;

  • Role Play and Dressing Up - We have a large selection of dressing up costumes and accessories to choose from including multi cultural costumes, super heroes, fairies and princesses and many more.
  • Arts/Craft Area - this is where children can express themselves and create a master piece. The craft table has activities such as; drawing, painting, junk modelling, papier mache and cutting gluing & sticking. Children can work either individually or in groups and with or without adult support. Children have made things such as, castles, cars, dragons, houses, T.V's etc, etc, the list is endless.
  • Water Play & Sand Play are always available at every session.
  • Messy Play is always popular.  Sessions for messy play include; jelly, bubble bath, spaghetti, cornflour & food colouring etc.
  • TV/DVD/Video area - this is a quiet area of Extra club where children can "veg out" and watch their favourite characters in action. The TV is not turned on until after 5 pm.
  • Reading/quiet area - this is another quieter area of the Extra club where children can sit on their own and read a book or just take a break. We have a large variety of books available for all ages to enjoy and our playworkers will sit and read with children who want them to.
  • Games Stations - At the club we have a Wii and several Playstations as with the TV these are not turned on until after 5 pm and children are limited to one race or one game each.
  • Den Building - this is done both indoors and outdoors. We have a massive amount of den building equipment. This gives children chance to build dens together and interact with each other. Children of all ages enjoy Den Building. 
  • Cultural celebrations - We endeavour to celebrate festivals from all cultures and backgrounds. If there are any you would like us to include please speak to a member of staff. 
  • Outdoor play -  Our outdoor area is a rich learning environment which provides opportunities for risk taking which helps to build confidence in children and also helps them to understand their limitations. Some activities include; football, bikes/scooters, den building, soft play, guttering and pipes, drawing, chalks, messy play, water play and much more! Children are encouraged to play out every session.
  • Trips and Outings - We have many trips and outings to various locations during term time and also in the holidays. Some places we have visited include:- Eccleshill Adventure Playground, Idle Rec. Newby Hall, Chester Zoo, Shipley Glen, Buck Woods, Bingley St. Ives Park and woods and many more.