Enrichment Opportunities

Showing respect and understanding for other religions.
At Blakehill, our children learn about the 6 main religions. The children understand that it is important to learn about other religions in order to live peacefully with the people around them. 
In year one, the children learn about Sikhism and they recently visited the Gurdwara. 
Rule of Law
The police have visited years, 4, 5 and 6 to discuss the use of mobile phones and social media sites. The police explained that bullying can occur on social media or via text messages. The police explained how this type of bullying affects the victim and the person doing the bullying. Our children understood that there are consequences for their actions. It was made clear that online bullying is not acceptable.
British Values
Blakehill remembered the fallen soldiers with a 2 minute silence. Each class also did a task to understand why remembrance day is remembered each year. 
All staff and children at Blakehill meet on a Monday morning to celebrate individual achievements. Each class teacher selects a Star of The Week. 
Year five children are selected to be Play Time Buddies. They have important roles which include setting up play time equipment, making sure all children have somebody to play with and checking that all children are following the schools rules and respecting the equipment. 
Community Homework
Mrs Gould held an assembly about how to make positive contributions to the local community, she asked children to bring in any evidence of how they helped their community. Children returned pieces of writing, drawing and photographs. 
All of the drawings and photographs have been displayed in a book in the school reception area. 
Some of the children in Year 6 have been chosen to be Prefects. Prefects play a vital part in the running of Blakehill School; assisting and supporting both staff and pupils. Our Prefects have had an induction lesson are are now setting an excellent example to other children in school 
Food Bank 
The children at Blakehill Primary School understand that there are many families that are unable to afford to buy food. The children had an assembly to raise awareness of the Bradford Food Bank Appeal. The children and parents were very generous and collected lots of tins and dried food to send to the food bank.
Social - showing care and concern for other.
Moral - Doing the 'right thing' and helping others in need. 
Festivals around the world
Understanding and respecting other cultures and religions in an important part of life when living in a multicultural society. Year 1 spent a full day finding out about Chinese New Year. The children tasted Chinese food and found out about the beliefs around the different animals of the years. 
All different: all equal.
Year 3 visited the positive life centre in Bradford City Stadium. The year group took part in a workshop call All Different; All Equal. The children worked with other children that they don't usually play with. They found out that everybody has at least one thing in common whether this be something they like to eat, a hobby that they have or even the type of house they live in. The children realised that although everybody is different, we all have things in common and are all equal in society.  
Indian Culture Week
We had an Indian Culture week at Blakehill where all children used stories from India as a stimulus for writing. The children researched different parts of India and the religions that are followed. All year groups produced some fantastic cross curricular work and this was used to make displays around school. 
Celebrating Patron Saints Days
The whole school had an assembly to mark St George's Day. Year 1 studied the story of St George and produced a wonderful display. Year 6 have also learnt about St George as well as St Patrick and St David.