Enrichment Opportunities

Reception and Years 1 and 2
Nativity Performance 
At Christmas, Year 1 and 2 work together to retell the story of the birth of Christ. They do a fantastic performance which is always very popular with parents. Children in reception also perform in their own nativity production.
Year 1- Diwali Day 
The children in Year 1 had a full day of learning about Sikhism and the festival of Diwali. The children tasted food that would be eaten during the celebrations of Diwali and made Diyas lamps. The children also made colourful Rangoli patterns
Year 2 - Bible Sessions
Year 2 visit St Cuthbert's church and take part in Bible study sessions. 
The children learn stories from the Bibles and consider the morals taught through these stories. 
Year 2 
Precious Things 
The children in Year 2 had the opportunity to bring in a object that was precious to them. The children understood the precious and valuable have different meanings. The children got chance to explain why their item was precious to to them. 
Year 2 Judaism 
Children in Year 2 study Judaism and look at the different beliefs held by Jews. The children have had chance to reflect on how the beliefs of Jews differ to their own.
Year 3, 4, 5 and 6
Christingle Services 
Upper Key stage 2 and Lower key stage 2 each held a christingle service at St Cuthbert's church. Both were very well attended by parents wishing to be part of the service. 

The celebration is named after the Christingles that are lit during the service. Christingles are made from an orange decorated with red tape, sweets and a candle. With your help, Christingle raises vital funds to help children who are facing Christmas alone and are unable to cope.

Christingles may be held from the start of Advent to Candlemas, with Christmas Eve a particularly popular time for services.

Holy Places
In Year 6 the children look at religious places. In this topic they have looked at holy places for Buddhists, Muslims and Christians.