Digital Leaders

In 2013-2014 we established our first group of Digital Leaders. After a very competitive application process, we now have 8 children from Years 4 and 5 to be Digital Leaders.

They attended training at Bradford Innovation Centre throughout the year as well as attending fortnightly training sessions with Mr Lowe and Miss Lea in school.
In June 2014 they were asked to attend the bMoble national ICT conference in Bradford to talk to other teachers and consultants about being a Digital Leader.
Our Digital leaders are there to help promote E-Safety in school and to help other children with any E-Safety questions or concerns. They have even delivered whole school assemblies about e-safety.
The group is also available to deliver training and advice about new technology in school. They have delivered iPad training to our Teaching Assistants, helped teachers in class during ICT lessons and have stayed behind after school to deliver training to the teachers at staff meetings!

This year, we are extending our group so that all classes from Year 3 – 6 have a resident Digital Leader.