The new Computing curriculum encompasses two main areas:

–     Preparing our children to be competent, safe users of a range of digital equipment (computers, photographic and recording equipment, tablets, mobile phones etc).

–     Developing our children’s understanding of how the technology we use daily actually works, eg the science behind the computers.

During KS1 the children will progressively develop skills in programming, creating digital content and using technology safely and respectfully. These skills will be further developed in KS2 and in addition the children will learn about computer modelling, networking and how the internet and search engines work.

Children will also use a variety of equipment such as iPads and cameras, across the curriculum to enhance their learning.  Computing skills however will be taught in a dedicated weekly computing lesson in our Computing suite.

From Reception upwards our aim is for pupils to become confident and skilled in their use of technology in order to fully empower them in our increasingly technological age.