Children's work

Children's work
I have created this page to show off any work done during school closures. This can be pictures, videos, documents etc. I am really proud of the effort 5L have put into home learning in these hard times so now is our opportunity to show off what we have done! 
I am so impressed with the children who have sent me a story! Well done for taking some time out to get creative and imaginative! I have attached the stories below. You can still send me yours, and I will do a new one next week on the main page. 
Here is a fantastic, informative power point presentation by Mia Holmes. Fantastic effort well done! 
Cara has been working extremely hard at home and created some fantastic and creative pieces of work! Here are some examples- Well done cara!
Cara has also created a stop motion video! Really impressed that Cara is continuing to build skills we have learn't in class creating stop motion videos. 
Leah has created a brilliant fact file on Panda's. The drawing is absolutely fantastic and I can tell she has taken her time creating it! Well done! 
Flo has produced some fantastic work about The Highway Man. Here is her monologue and a brilliant wanted poster! Well done Flo! 
Kayden Lee has done some fantastic research on Elephants and presented it on a word document. Well done! 
Kayden also won a 2nd place medal on the 31st may for a martial arts forms championships that he entered. Absolutely brilliant work, well done Kayden! Here's a picture: 
Louis has been very creative and drawn his name in a graffiti style. Fantastic colouring Louis! 
Eve and her sister created a brilliant, entertaining video over the Easter Holidays. Fantastic effort girls!