Autumn Term 1

Autumn 1
We have been busy getting into the ABBA classics. The children have thoroughly enjoyed getting involved. As well as learning to sing, play, improvise and compose with the well known song Mamma Mia, children will listen and appraise more ABBA hits over the next few weeks. 
We have been researching the best ways to have a healthy life style and diet. The children were so eager to find out the best ways to keep fit. We created posters all about being healthy. 
In RE we have begun to learn about what different religions believe to be right and wrong. We tried to group different religious beliefs to see if we could identify any similar themes.
In English, we have been exploring how to write and use direct speech correctly. We created our own sentences with direct speech then we chose which one to perform. We looked at the best ways to created a live sentence and preformed them to our peers. 
This week we are looking at homophones - We have been matching the correct spelling to the correct image. We also now understand that homophones are words that have the same pronunciation but different meanings, origins, or spelling.
In P.E we have had lots of fun - We have been completing practice drills and relays. The children have been investigating way to improve their speed and improve their personal best. We have discussed the L-shape arm and stance we need to get a better time. 
We have been looking at the different types of triangles in maths. The children understand the difference between the three types of triangles - isosceles, scalene and equilateral. Here is a video of two of our students answering a reasoning question all about triangles! 
We have started to look at a new text this week with the children. The text is called Arthur and the Golden Rope. The children had retrieve and infer information from the text, they had to describe the setting, freeze frames and then complete readers theater. 
We have been investigating this week - We looked at how water evaporates and how we can measure this. We talked about making the test fair and how to keep this as accurate as possible. The children really enjoyed getting involved!
We've been working on Roman numerals and negative numbers. The children have been exploring different ways to understand and represent them. The children really like using the stairs and ramps to represent negative numbers. They found creative ways to show roman numerals too! 
We have been very busy working with two different artist's in school over the last few weeks. 
The children have created some wonderful art work. They have been looking at two artist to create these amazing pieces of work.