Autumn Term - Our learning journey so far...

Zoolab came to visit Reception and brought some exotic animal friends too! The children were very brave and had first hand experience stroking, touching and holding them! The ranger brought in a giant snail,tarantula,rat,cockroach and a millipede.  They learnt lots of amazing facts about the animals. What a brilliant morning!
A bar graph to show our favourite animals
After learning about animals that live in the jungle we thought about what our favourite animal was. We then made a class bar graph to see which the most popular jungle animal was. We counted the votes accurately and carefully and then wrote the numeral to match. Then we matched it to the correct numicon.
Jungle Facts
Take a look at some of the interesting facts we learnt about the jungle! 
Jungle Paintings
Some children created jungle pictures during independent play using paints and pastels!

Art Week

During Art week in Reception we looked at the artist Kandinsky. We created a canvas each in the style of Kandinsky. An artist called Carol came to visit, she showed us how to print using ink. We created out own pattern using different tools on 2d shapes and created our own masterpiece!

Take a look...

 DT Week
During DT week reception had a really tricky task of making their very own christmas stockings. Using their fine motor skills, they carefully threaded through the the holes using plastic needles. After sewing their christmas stockings, they decorated them using sequins and swirls. The children really enjoyed making their decorations. At the end of the half term the children will be able to take them home to hang on their christmas trees! 
Reception Nativity ' A King is Born'
Reception performed a fantastic performance to the rest of the school. They all spoke in a clear and loud voice. They sang the songs beautifully too! 
Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas Dinner! 
Christmas Party and Santa Visit 
Santa Skype
Today we received a phone call from Santa! He spoke to us about what we had done at school so for this year and told us that he had been watching us all year. He picked out some children and said how well they are doing at school. Blake, Tallulah, Dolcie and Macie got a special mention. We asked Santa some questions too. It was very exciting!
Today the children had a circle time with Miss Gardner.  Miss Gardner showed the children how to programme the beebots so it can move around the mat. Miss Gardner played the CVC word game with Mrs Jacobs and some of the children joined in too. They helped them blend the words together.
The children then wrote a CVC word to match the picture on the beebot mat so they could play the game. They segmented the word and wrote the CVC word independently. The children then played it during free flow. 
Winter Writing in the Snow