Autumn Term

PSHE: getting to know each other
In our first PSHE session the children developed their own 'Circle Time Expectations'. They then practiced their listening skills by sitting back to back to find out more about their partner. 
Reading: retrieving information from the text
We are currently reading 'The Twits'. The children highlighted the 'proof' in the text to match the answer to the question. 
Maths: place value
It was the start of 'Table Maths' today in Year 3, exploring how to create different 3 digit numbers. 
Art with Mrs. Marsden
In Art with Mrs. Marsden, the children have started exploring shading using different types of pencils. 
English: features of a letter
In today's lesson 3S have explored the different features of a letter, ready to write their own next week.
Science: properties of rocks
In today's lesson 3S have explored the properties of different rocks, specifically 'hardness' and which rock is harder. The children conducted their own investigation to find out which was hardest and which was softest. 
English: apostrophes
In today's lesson 3S have explored how to use apostrophes to contract words, for example would not -> wouldn't. 
PSHE: Becoming more independent
In today's lesson 3S have discussed how they can become more independent as they get older. 
PE: catching and fielding
The children in 3S have continued to develop their catching and fielding skills today, working as a team to see who could catch the most balls.
English: exploring clauses
Today's focus was 'clauses', exploring main clauses and subordinate clauses.
Maths: nRICH activity
Problem solving was the aim of today's lesson, focusing on number bonds and patterns!
PE: Invasion games
Today we began our new 'invasion games' unit, exploring how to keep / get the ball.
Maths: nRICH activity
Problem solving was the aim of today's lesson, focusing on addition and subtraction.
PE: Obstacle course
Blakehill's world famous obstacle course returned this year! Here are some pictures from 3S's turn. 
Computing: creating an algorithm 
Mrs. Roberts has been teaching 3S all about algorithm's as part of our coding unit. 
Lesson 1:
Lesson 2:
Geography: identifying features of a coastline
As a class we explored the different physical features we would see on our coastline, matching the picture to the correct definition. 
Oracy: discussion
We have developed our own set of talk rules so today we decided to take part in our first class discussion. Our discussion points were: 'Would you rather be a flower or a bee? Why?' and 'Is reading important?'
Maths: addition and subtraction 
Using base 10, 3S have explored how to use the column method for addition and subtraction, including exchanges. 
DT: Festive bookmarks 
Today, 3S started their DT unit. At the end of the unit the children will create their own festive bookmark. In this lesson, we explored examples of book marks; discussed what they could be used for; and came up with things we like about each one and things we would change. 
In our second lesson, we have explored what different bookmarks are made of and what patterns they have used. 
It was then time to create our bookmarks!

English: deconstructing a text
In our English lesson, we have learnt how to deconstruct a text. This means 'picking it apart', being able to identify the main points, characters and settings. 
Reading: agree and disagree
Working with Mrs. Brown, today 3S have explored the text and sorted statements according to whether they disagree or agree. We then discussed what we found out. 
Maths: x2 table
Working with children we don't usually work with, today 3S have consolidated their learning of the x2 table.  
Music: Rocksteady concert
Today, 3S had the pleasure of watching a ROCK CONCERT! Different pupils from school formed bands and showed what they had practiced. 
E-Safety: identity 
Today, we have explored what we mean by 'identity' and how we can show and protect our identity when online. 
English: verb choices
Working with Mrs. Marsden, 3S have explored different verb synonyms that they can use in their writing. 
Geography: understanding coastal erosion
Today, 3S used play dough to explore coastal erosion, creating a cave, an arch, a stack and a stump.