Autumn Term

We looked and felt different materials and grouped them into solids and liquids. 
we looked and felt, sand, sugar, wood, salt, tin foil, chalk, cotton wool and coloured water.
We discussed two characters from James and the Giant Peach. These characters are Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker. We read an extract from the book and picked out features of what their personality and appearance was like.
We have been team building during indoor PE.
We built a tower out of shoes and a dome from hoops. We were protecting our territory from our opponents.
For our experiment looking at gases we put two raisins into the lemonade and they sank to the bottom of the cup.

Then we put two more raisins into the lemonade and they sank to the bottom and then one raisin rose to the top of the lemonade.

Eventually we put 6 more raisins in and the lemonade began to fizz and the raisins were covered in bubbles and kept climbing to the top and then falling down.

We mimed being different states of matter.
We have been reading James and the Giant Peach. We were debating whether James should or shouldn't go in to the peach.
Eventually we decided that he shouldn't go into the peach because it might be poisonous. 
We acted with our friends using the conscience Alley
In PE we have been learning how to show control, co ordination and consistency in Athletics.
We practised running, jumping, hopping and sprinting.
We copied a diagram of the water cycle by taking it in turns to draw parts of the cycle from memory!
We have been reading the poem, The Brook by Alfred Tennyson. We drew a picture of the image created in our minds when Mrs Javed read the poem to us.
We created some very different but interesting images.
PE - Gymnastics
We used the apparatus to climb, balance and pose. We then had a go at jumping off the bench and posing in different positions.
To investigate solids, liquids and gases we made chocolate crispy buns to test how food turns from a liquid and back to a solid using a method of heating.
We have been organising events in a story using chronological order.
We read carefully through each sentence and positioned it according to when it appeared in the story.
We looked at the effects of temperature by observing an ice cube and seeing what happened to it over time.
We went around the classroom and wrote positive things in each others books. This made the children feel really happy and appreciated.