Autumn Term

Autumn Term
Well what a busy first day we have had in 1D. Today we have had a go at painting a self portrait. These are going to hang in our gallery outside the classroom for everyone to admire. We used mirrors to check the colours and shapes that we needed to use. 
We also also worked hard in our phonics lesson. We had a go at writing captions to match pictures. 
We have started to learn about 'ourselves' in science. Today we made a body together. We thought about the different parts of the body and labelled it. 
We created our own chalk Funny Bones pictures. 
We had a go at reading sentences about the story 'Funny bones'. We worked with a partner or in a group with an adult to read each sentence and decide if it is true or false.  
We have loved showing Miss Dickinson and Mrs Lister our wonderful phonics!
We have been using ten frames to represent numbers. 
We had a go at making skeletons. 
We have been doing the dough disco to help to strengthen our fingers. We need strong fingers to help us to become independent writers. 
In our English lessons we have been reading 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea' by Judith Kerr. We have had a lot of fun learning about this story. The children sequenced the story and did some wonderful independent caption writing. 
We have been continuing to learn about ourselves. In science we have learned about our senses and enjoyed investigating each sense. 
We have our own Blakehill Surgery to help us to learn about our body. 
We have loved using our resources to learn more about our class story. 
We have been learning about life in the past. We went on a school trip to Abbey House Museum and explored in groups. We looked around the museum and enjoyed looking at how life has changed. We took part in a toy workshop. We looked at the features of toys and sorted them into old and new. We even had a go at playing with some of the toys. 
We learned about how life was like many years ago. We did a wash day workshop in school and had a go at washing clothes as people would have done in the past. 
Happy Children in Need Day! 
In Maths we explored shape. We looked at 3D shapes first and identified some familiar 3D shapes. We talked about the properties of these shapes and how we can identify each shape by looking at the properties. We learned about cylinders, pyramids, spheres, cubes, cuboids and cones. We sorted the 3d shapes in groups. 
We learned about 10's and 1's. We investigated how numbers are made using 10's and 1's. 
In DT we designed and made a pop up toy. We made a cone out of card. We then designed and made a character to pop out of our cone using a straw as a stick. We then evaluated our learning and thought about how we could improve our puppets if we were to make them again. 
We had a lovely time celebrating Christmas in Year One.