Autumn Term

We are 1G!
PE with Mr Simmons
Art - Painting our faces!
We used a mirror to look at our faces. We thought about our skin tones, hair colour and eye colour and carefully painted our faces.
Fun in the sun at playtime!
Maths - LO: To sort objects 
Today we worked with lots of different resources to sort objects into different groups. We discussed our thoughts and ideas with our talk partners and shared them with the class. We thought of different ways of grouping objects.
Science - LO: To know parts of the body
Today we talked about what we already know about the human body. We also thought of some questions we'd like to find out about the human body too.
We then drew around our friend and labelled different parts of the body.
English - Prediction and Labelling
Funny Bones by Janet and Allan Ahlberg
LO: To make predictions about the text
We have being making predictions about our new story we are studying in English. We revealed parts of the front cover and discussed what we could see. We worked in talk partners to discuss what we thought the story might be about and what we thought would happen in the story.
Miss Gardner then read the story to us and we had a go at labelling parts of the story using our phonic knowledge to help us.
Today we took part in our first Music lesson with Mrs Brown.
We enjoyed listening to the music and moving to the beat.
Smart Reading
We have started Smart Reading in Year One and we love it! We played roll and read and carefully blended words together. We used our reading phones to hear our voices as we read.
LO: To retrieve information from the text using picture clues to help
We have been looking at the story 'Funnybones' by the authors Janet & Allan Ahlberg. 
Today we used the pictures in the text to help us answer the questions.
We had a go at writing our answers down independently. 
LO: To observe changes across the 4 seasons
Today we enjoyed our walk around the school grounds looking for early signs of Autumn. We quickly noticed some leaves on the floor and had a discussion why they had fallen off. We then went on a leaf hunt and sorted the leaves into different colour groups. Before the end of the lesson we learnt that some trees are deciduous and others are evergreen. 
We are going to keep observing the weather, trees and environment to see if we can spot any other signs of Autumn in the next few weeks.
LO - To use media to capture images for a purpose
LO - To identify, name and label the parts of the body
We had lots of fun in this activity today! we worked in pairs and played 'Simon Says' with Miss Gardner. We had to navigate round a piece of technology, iPads, to captures images of different body parts! It made us giggle a lot.
LO: To use drawing to develop and share their ideas, experiences and imagination
We sketched a facial feature carefully, looking at the detail within our eyes. We took time to practise sketching the shape around our eyes too.
LO: To count numbers within 10.
We used practical resources to make numbers within 10. We worked on table tables using different resources to help us represent numbers.
PE - LO To roll a ball
LO To roll with accuracy 
LO: To independently log on and off.
LO: To represent numbers
Today we explored lots of different ways of representing different numbers.  During a circle time, we took part in a discussion about how to represent numbers. We listened to our friends ideas and discussed whether we agreed with them or not. We are getting very good at justifying our answers too using 'because'.
LO: To use drawing to develop and share their ideas, experiences and imagination
LO: To verbally retell the story of 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea'
1G's Star Writer is Bella!
During our KS1 assembly we celebrated children's amazing work in class.
Bella was awarded the 1G Star Writer award for her beautiful handwriting and presentation!
Well done Bella! 
Sense - To perform a simple test
Today we  performed a simple test using our sense of smell. We had to smell the smelly socks and work out what ingredient was hiding inside! We took time to discuss this with our friends before Miss Gardner revealed it to us. We enjoyed making predictions with one another.
English - Phase 2
LO: To retrieve information from the text
We spent lots of time in groups retrieving facts from the story. We thought about; characters, settings, time and place. Time was a really tricky one for us as we had to think really carefully.
We had lots of different answers and ideas and we tried to justify our thoughts. We then completed a 'Tell Me Grid'
LO: To compare objects ( within 10)
LO: To compare numbers (within 10)
Miss Gardner asked us to compare two groups of objects and numbers. She gave us talking time to work out if the comparison was 'greater than' ' less than' or 'equal to' Miss Gardner asked up to use the sentence stem " I know this because..." to help us explain and justify our thinking. Lots of talk, reasoning and explanation took place  in our maths lesson to help us deepen our thinking.
Maths - KIRFS (Key Instant Recall Facts)
LO: To know our numberbonds to 5.
We have been working really hard on our mental maths KIRF for this half term. 
We do this every day in our maths starter and we have now begun to challenge one another too!
Art - Drawing 
We have been using our pencils to sketch a famous ' Jowett Car' linking to our Local History topic.
Maths- Part Part Whole
We have been exploring finding a whole from 2 sets of objects. We had a go at recording some part wholes in our books too!
English - LO To use the personal pronoun 'I'
            - LO To write a question
We worked in groups to think of questions to ask Paddington, the main character in our story. We discussed what a question is and thought of some key question words - who, what,when,why and how. We then talked in groups and recorded our questions and took part in hot seating where we asked Paddington our questions.
Reading - LO: To retrieve information from a text
3D Comprehension
Miss Gardner asked us to retrieve information from the text. There we objects in the middle of the table that were scenes from the story. Around the objects there were questions about the text. We worked in pairs to blend the word and questions together and answer accurately.  We were really engrossed in this task! 
Computing- Media
LO: To use media for a purpose - art/paint/image
We have learning how to use the chrome books and how to log on. 
We then used paint to create a picture of the tiger from the tiger who came to tea.
English - Compound Words
LO: To understand compound words
LO: To recognise compound words