Autumn Term

Hello and welcome to our class 'floor book' where you can keep up to date with your child's learning. We hope you enjoying exploring what your child has been up to. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact school via the main office. Below is our Autumn Term welcome letter.

03.09.2020 - The first day! (PSHE / Menthal Health)
Today, our Year 5's, now Year 6, returned as a full class for the first time since March. They have really impressed me with how quickly they have settled back into school life. We talked about the new school rules we have to now follow, along with what type of year we want. We developed our own 'mission statement', class rules and class target. This afternoon, we attempted some graffiti art work. 

04.09.20 - Our School Councillor (PSHE / British Values)
Today, 6S elected their school councilor. Nine pupils put their name forward. Each read out a short statement they had prepared explaining why they thought they should be elected class councilor. Each pupil voted and Eve was 'duly' elected as 6S school councilor - well done to Eve and everyone who put their name forward!
10.09.2020 - Dream catchers! (PSHE / Art)
To get us use to our new school year, Year 6 created these amazing dream catchers - I think you'll agree that they look amazing. Well done Year 6!
11.09.2020 Sowing with Mrs. Marsden (DT)
Today was our first day practicing our sowing skills that we learnt in Year 5. It was a bit tricky threading a needle and weaving it between the fabric but we persevered and got there in the end!
14.09.2020 Art with Mrs Sneylam (Art)
6S were really lucky this week and had an Art workshop with Mrs Sneylam, a local artist from Saltaire. Here are some pictures of what we did!
15.09.2020 Classification (Science)
In Science today, we continued to learn all about Carl Linnaeus, the first person to classify (group) animals and other living things. We completed a Kahoot quiz to see what we could remember, then we classified a group of animals according to our own criteria.