Autumn term

Hello and welcome to our class 'floor book' where you can keep up to date with your child's learning. We hope you enjoying exploring what your child has been up to. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact school via the main office. Below is our Autumn Term welcome letter.

03.09.2020 - The first day! (PSHE / Menthal Health)
Today, our Year 5's, now Year 6, returned as a full class for the first time since March. They have really impressed me with how quickly they have settled back into school life. We talked about the new school rules we have to now follow, along with what type of year we want. We developed our own 'mission statement', class rules and class target. This afternoon, we attempted some graffiti art work. 

04.09.2020 - Our School Councillor (PSHE / British Values)
Today, 6S elected their school councilor. Nine pupils put their name forward. Each read out a short statement they had prepared explaining why they thought they should be elected class councilor. Each pupil voted and Eve was 'duly' elected as 6S school councilor - well done to Eve and everyone who put their name forward!
10.09.2020 - Dream catchers! (PSHE / Art)
To get us use to our new school year, Year 6 created these amazing dream catchers - I think you'll agree that they look amazing. Well done Year 6!
11.09.2020 Sewing with Mrs. Marsden (DT)
Today was our first day practicing our sewing skills that we learnt in Year 5. It was a bit tricky threading a needle and weaving it between the fabric but we persevered and got there in the end!
14.09.2020 Art with Mrs Sneylam (Art)
6S were really lucky this week and had an Art workshop with Mrs Sneylam, a local artist from Saltaire. Here are some pictures of what we did!
15.09.2020 Classification (Science)
In Science today, we continued to learn all about Carl Linnaeus, the first person to classify (group) animals and other living things. We completed a Kahoot quiz to see what we could remember, then we classified a group of animals according to our own criteria. 
23.09.2020 Food Bank (PSHE)
We are currently collecting food for the Bradford Food Bank. In Year 6, we have learnt more about food banks and why people use them. We then challenged stereotypical views about their use. 
25.09.2020 Sewing with Mrs. Marsden (DT)
6S have continued their sewing classes with Mrs. Marsden this week, improving their stitching skills. Some pupils even added a button to their piece of material. 
02.10.2020 Mould investigation (Science)
Today, Year 6 set up their science experiment looking at the best conditions to grow mould in. We have set up five different 'conditions' around school. Pupils will then take a picture of the bread in each condition every other day. Here are our first pictures.  
Below are our second round of pictures from the week commencing 05.10.20, pictures from the week commencing 12.10.20 and pictures from the week commencing 19.10.20
06.10.2020 - Identifying and classifying living things (Science)
6S became leaf detectives today, identifying and classifying different leaves they found in the school grounds. They then looked at what they found observing what was the same and what was different. 
06.10.2020 - Google Classroom (ICT)
This afternoon, 6S explored Google Classroom further, completing and handing in a piece of work. Pupils used the Chromebooks today, taking it in turns to complete each activity.
07.10.2020 - Dice game (Reading)
In Mr. Sidebottom's reading group, Year 6 played a dice vocabulary game linked to their text, 'Good Vibrations'. 
08.10.2020 - Transition (PSHE)
Year 6 had another transition talk today with Mr. O'Neill from Hanson School. Mr. O'Neill was really impressed by how well the children listened and the questions they asked - well done Year 6!
09.10.2020 - Year 6 Information Evening
Due to Covid-19, we held a virtual Year 6 Information Evening. Here is a link to the information. 
12.10.20 - Celebrating success (PSHE)
Here is our fantastic 'Mr Lindon's Library' display which Mrs. Marsden has put up in reception for everyone to see. Well done Year 6!
13.10.20 - The Daily Mile (PE / Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing)
Another day, another mile in Year 6! Thank you for all your support!
14.10.2020 - Creating art work (Art / Design Technology / PSHE / British Values)
Today, Year 6 were treated to a visit from a local artist. The pupils had a discussion around the theme of 'protests'. They then researched different placards, designed them on paper and then created their own, ready for our very own playground protest. Watch this space!
Hidden Figures (Black History Month)
Today, Year 6 started their new topic exploring Black History. They watched the film ‘Hidden Figures’, exploring three women of black origin who helped NASA during the space race of the 1960s. 
Democracy (British Values / PSHE)
Today, 6S started their 'Democracy' topic with Mrs. Hall, exploring what democracy is and how it works. They also took part in their own election!
09.11.20 Drumming (Music)
Today, 6S were given the opportunity to experience using African drums!
20.11.20 Maths Day 2020 (Maths)
Today, Year 6 took part in 'Maths Day' where we aimed to solve 'The Riddle of the Sphinx'. The children had to work in teams to solve a complex series of problems using their knowledge of volume, long multiplication, addition, division and percentages. We then explored the 3D features of pyramids and how to measure angles using a protractor - what a jam packed day! 
07.12.20 E-Safety (Computing) 
Today, 6S explored how to protect their private information online, watching a really informative video called 'Caught in a web'. We then created a series of posters for children in year 3, teaching them how to use passwords safely and what to do if they come across something online that concerns them. 
08.12.20 Celebrating success (PSHE / British Values) 

Jayden received his 200 silver house point certificate today! Well done Jayden!
08.12.20 - Do you have a pet? (Spanish)
In today's Spanish lesson we built upon what we learnt last week exploring the names of different pets. Today, we learnt how to ask: do you have a pet? and how to answer: I have...(insert pet name). 
10.12.20 Pen Licenses (English)
At Blakehill, we recognise excellent presentation and handwriting, demonstrated consistently over time. Well done to Jayden, Cara, Georgie and Flo for obtaining their pen licenses!
18.12.20 - Christmas has come to Year 6!
On the last day of term, we watched some Christmas films and decorated some cookies with Mrs. Bedell. 
Merry Christmas everyone!