Autumn Term

Our Mission Statement
We have thought about what we want our classroom to be like. We have used these ideas to write our class mission statement.
School Rules 
British Values  - Rule of Law 
Class rule and expectations.
In our British Values lesson we spoke about the rule of law. Rules and laws are everywhere at home, in school, even when you play a game. A regulation is a rule made by an authority. Breaking rules and laws is likely to get you into trouble at the very least! 
We made our own rules for our classroom and the children discussed what the consequences should be if they are broken. 
British Values - Democracy
Electing a class Councillor
In our British Values lesson we looked at how rules and decisions are made. We found out that votes are used to make agreements and find out the most popular plan.

In democracy every citizen should listen to the views of the different parties and candidates, and then make his or her own decision on whom to support. People must be 18 or over in order to take part in an election. We agreed that this is a good age as children would not always make an informed decision.

When voting, each person  votes for the candidate of his or her choice. S/he does this by putting a cross beside the person’s name on the ballot paper. People cast their ballots in a booth so that no one can see who they are voting for. This is called ‘secret ballot’.

At the end of the election day the votes are added up and the candidate with the highest number of votes (the majority) is declared the winner.

We are too young to vote in elections but we have been exercising our right for democracy. Our class needs a class Councillor so we wrote manifestos and voted for the person that we thought would do the best job representing our class.  


Here are the candidates who went up to represent 5L in our school council. 
Every single person did a fantastic job of reading them out loud to the class, and their speeches were fantastic! Well done!! 
The person who got the most and therefore our new class councilor is...
Yusef Khan
Well done!
In year 5 we have been looking at children's mental health. We focused on what we might be worried about and some children shared theirs to the rest of the class. A lot of us agreed that the current climate can be worrying and the safety of our families. We also agreed that going into year 6 and doing SATs can also be worrying. We wrote these worries down and then discussed who we could tell. We all came up with 5 different people that we could share our worries with. 
In Spanish we practiced the phrase ¿como te llamas? 
We paired up and answered the questions and practiced our pronunciation. Some children even volunteered to have a conversation in front of the class. 
Here are some children in 5L who have already achieved their pen license! 
Their handwriting has been consistently joined up throughout all of their books and their presentation is beautiful. 
Well done!!