Autumn Term

Autumn 1 
As an introduction to gases, we observed raisins in soda water to discover that gas rises and takes raisins up before disappearing and causing them to fall back down.
We took part in a comparative test to see if we could change the rate that ice melts at. We planned and conducted the investigation in pairs. Afterwards, we began to draw conclusions as to why we got the results we did. 
We observed what happens to water when we leave it over time. We took measurements then represented them in a line chart. 
As part of our introduction into throwing events in athletics, we tried different throwing techniques before practising our throwing and catching with Mrs Ross.
After a game of toilet tig and practising our hopping, We explored different types of jumps and tried to work out what allows to jump the furthest. 
With wet weather taking us inside, we completed some cosmic yoga with Sonic which linked nicely with our learning on mindfulness. 
In our final week of athletics, we had a competition testing our throwing, jumping and running against one another. 
As part of our sequence of work about the story The Heart in the Bottle, we completed a conscience alley to think about what the girl could do next. 
For our second text, Arthur and The Golden Rope, we went to the hall and empathised with the people whose town was destroyed by the wolf. We freeze framed different parts of the day and completed a reader's theatre for when Atrix the wise woman came up with the solution. 
We sorted homophones with our partner and discussed the different meanings. 
We pretended to be news reporters and interviewed each other for a quote about what it was like the day the wolf attacked. We will use these quotes as direct speech in our news reports. 
We consolidated our learning about direct speech by inferring what conversation may take place in a picture and writing it.  
In RE we have begun to learn about what different religions believe to be right and wrong. We tried to group different religious beliefs to see if we could identify any similar themes. 
We have explored the moral of the Good Samaritan story by re enacting it. 
After that, we compared the story with ones from the religions of Islam and Hinduism. 

We consolidated our learning of number lines using the beads to create the scale. 
We went outside to consolidate our learning about negative numbers using the stairs. 
We began our learning about Roman Numerals by constructing them using art straws. 
We labelled the different parts with our partners before doing also completing it on Google Classroom. 
We used our searching skills to research the similarities and differences between the rivers Thames and Rhine. We then presented our ideas as a venn diagram on Google Classrooms.
Mindfulness assembly 
We learnt about mindfulness and how we can relax and find a calm place by listening to our breathing. 
Sponsored daily mile
We are taking part in a sponsored daily mile every day of October. The hard work begins! 
Christmas card competition 
We designed Christmas cards that will enter a competition where the winner finds their design on the front of a real card. 
We had a visit from Tim Curtis who worked with us to produce a fantastic piece of art. 
Firstly, we used black ink to create a pattern on our cardboard. 
We then had to cut out a flower head using the cardboard. 
We created and stuck petals onto our flower head then with Tim's help, glued it all together using a glue gun. 
Here is our final piece. We are proud of it and spent time thinking about how best to tessellate it. 
In media we have creating an animation using stop motion. 
Firstly, we created our back grounds by manipulating and moving 2D shapes on publisher.  
We then cut out clouds and rain drops before using the stop motion app to create an animation of the water cycle. 
In our computing carousel, we have been exploring the code used in games ahead of designing and creating our own later in the year. 
We then started developing use of movement code and getting out sprite moving around the screen. 
Autumn 2 
In English we played a game called sentence soup where we used a range of word types to create detailed and complex sentences. 
We have spent lots of time using concrete resources to help our understanding of column addition. 
We have consolidated our learning about coordinates by practically using counters to plot the points before playing Battleships. 
In our first lesson about World War 2 we listened to Chamberlain's declaration of war and empathised with how the different civilians would feel by writing a play script. 
We have been learning about Dunkirk using a range of sources. We then wrote persuasive letters to civilians to try and save the BEF. 
In our first lesson of learning about the Battle of Britain, we looked at the famous picture of pilots running towards a plane. We thought about what it tells us, what we can infer and what questions we now have to go and find out. 
This half term in PE we are developing our golf skills. So far we have learnt about different types of clubs and their role as well as how to set up and hold the club. 
We had a lesson focusing on accuracy of putting and the pace we hit them.
African Drumming Workshop 
As part of Black History Month, we got to take part in a fantastic drumming workshop. We learnt how to keep the rhythm as a class and some of us even had a go at being conductors. It was great fun! 
This half term our science topic is Electricity. We have started the topic by sorting appliances before going onto building simple electric circuits. 
We investigated different conductors and insulators before sorting them into a Carol diagram. 
We have been learning about Jesse Owens and his wins in 1936 at the Olympics. We did some freeze framing imagining we were in the crowd and tried to consider how the different spectators would feel. 
We have been making art inspired by Loïs Mailou Jones. We started by  cutting out our side profiles. We then planned and measured our borders before finally using pastels to create contrasting colours. 
Here are the final pieces! 
We have developed our accurate use of water colours and washes by painting Spitfire planes.
We have been learning a Zumba dance to the song Merry Christmas Everyone. 
As we have read the book D-Day dog, we have also watched Tom Palmer, the author, read chapters to us. We particularly enjoyed the one he read from Omaha beach in Normandy.