Autumn Term

Welcome to 3Jo!
We are enjoying our virtual assemblies this year!
We have been reading 'The Very Hungry Worry Monster' in English. We have talked about our own worries and thought about questions we would like to know about the worry monsters. We had a go at some hot seating to ask our questions.
We had a go at sketching our own worry monsters and used water colours to fill them in.
This half term for DT we are making bookmarks. We practised the basics of tying knots and threading needles.
We did some freeze frames of our new book 'Gangsta Granny.' We had to pretend to be the different characters and think about what they would be doing and how they would be feeling. 
Doing our daily mile!
We investigated the parts of a flower by dissecting it and finding each part.
Artist Tim Curtis came in to work with us to create sculptures out of cardboard. We made our own mini skyscraper by creating separate rooms and manipulating cardboard to make tiny objects.
We had a go at sketching some of the pictures from Gangsta Granny. We used watercolours to finish them ready for our display.
Here are some of our finished bookmarks! We used different stitches to complete them and we are very proud of our sewing.
We took part in an African drumming workshop using djembe drums. We learnt African songs and learnt how to change the tempo and rhythm we were playing.
We have been using dictionaries in our Reading and English lessons to find new vocabulary to describe characters.
We have been playing hockey and learning how to move with the ball and shoot accurately.
As well as learning some Spanish phrases we have been learning more about Spain as a country.
We loved maths day when we dressed up as rockstars and had a full day of maths activities!
We made our very own boxing gloves inspired by our learning about Muhammed Ali.
In science we have been learning about forces and magnets. We have done lots of scientific investigations to learn about magnets, what materials are magnetic and which magnets were the strongest.
Our Christmas fun afternoon!
Merry Christmas!