Autumn Term


We have been enjoying seeing all the classes virtually when attending our celebration assemblies this year.


Mental Health and Well-being
We started the term learning and discussing our feelings. We looked at different activities and coloured them in by ranking their importance and how they made us feel.
We have been reading and learning about the characters and story from The Very Hungry Worry Monster.
We organised co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions into two groups. We then wrote sentences using these conjunctions.
Using the base 10 below we made place value robots. 
We then counted the value of our robots.
Design Technology - Cooking and Nutrition
As part of the curriculum carousel we teach on a Thursday afternoon, the children have been investigating the type of bread they would like to eat when they make their own sandwiches at the end of the term.
They really enjoyed the taste test!


We have been learning about great artists, architects and designers in history with Mrs Marsden. We then sketched a self-portrait.



Our PE topic this half term is striking and fielding. We have been throwing and catching a ball to help with our fielding skills. We have also been aiming at a target with our team to make us great bowlers.



Design Technology – Cooking and Nutrition
 Curriculum Carousel

After tasting bread products we chose a range of sandwich fillings to taste to help us decide on the best healthy options for when we plan, design and make our own sandwiches. Some fillings were delicious, others not so much!


We used 2B pencils and mirrors to lightly sketch a pair of eyes.




We have been working in teams to strengthen and perfect our catching skills. We tried to catch our team mates by surprise by throwing the ball at them to ensure they were ready!



Today we looked at imperative verbs in a recipe. We cut out the recipe and put it in order by reading it carefully.

Daily Mile
Another day, another mile! Throughout October, we will be running, skipping, hoping and walking a mile a day. 
Art - Tim Curtis workshop.
We had an afternoon of creating sculptures and created different rooms in a house.

Design Technology – Cooking and Nutrition
Curriculum Carousel

We designed and made our own healthy sandwiches which follow a healthy balanced diet.


We used a dictionary to find the meaning of words and a thesaurus to look at synonyms. This has helped us improve our vocabulary in our writing.

Music – Drumming workshop
Black History Month

We learnt how to play the Djembe drums in an African drumming workshop. We listened and learnt African songs and changed the rhythm and tempo of the drum as we played along.


We have been learning how to control a ball in Hockey. We have learnt how to successfully hold the Hockey stick and move a ball using small, slow taps.


We took part in a drama activity called freeze frame where we acted out a scene from the book, Who was Muhammad Ali?

 Design Technology – Textiles

As part of our Black History Month learning, we have been reading Who was Muhammad Ali?
We made our own boxing gloves using felt and cut out and stitched the glove together using a running stitch.

Maths Day

We enjoyed dressing up as Rockstars and in our number inspired outfits. We enjoyed a day of maths activities by playing TT Rockstars and challenging ourselves by solving The Riddle of the Sphinx.


We have been learning about the human and physical features in our local area. We took a short walk around the school grounds to identify these features around us.

MFL - Spanish
In Spanish we have been learning Spanish phrases and greetings.