Autumn Term

Well, what a busy start to our new school year. This week we have been really busy in Year One. It is strange for the children to begin some more formal learning so we have tried to make time for plenty of learning through provision too. 
This week we haven't just been playing. Now that we are in Year One, we have been starting to work with more independence. We have been doing lots of maths. We have used number frames and practised representing numbers on the frame and subatising. We have been counting forwards, backwards and in 10's every day. We have also been doing some sorting activities. It's been lots of fun and we have done really well. 
In science, we have been learning about parts of the body and labeling the body. We did it all together and then had a go at doing it on our own. 
We did some self portraits too. We used mirrors to look at our faces and then painted independently. 
This week we have been into the computing suite for the first time. We had a go at logging in and then used the paint program to paint a picture. It was quite tricky! 
We have been reading the book called Ruby's Worry. We have been doing some drama and making freeze frames of the scenes from the book. It was a lot of fun and we all laughed a lot!
Today we have been making worry dolls. We designed worry dolls and followed our design to create our own dolls. We used wool, ribbons and material. We really enjoyed ourselves. 
We have had lots of fun in PE outside this morning.