Autumn Term

Well, what a busy start to our new school year. This week we have been really busy in Year One. It is strange for the children to begin some more formal learning so we have tried to make time for plenty of learning through provision too. 
This week we haven't just been playing. Now that we are in Year One, we have been starting to work with more independence. We have been doing lots of maths. We have used number frames and practised representing numbers on the frame and subatising. We have been counting forwards, backwards and in 10's every day. We have also been doing some sorting activities. It's been lots of fun and we have done really well. 
In science, we have been learning about parts of the body and labeling the body. We did it all together and then had a go at doing it on our own. 
We did some self portraits too. We used mirrors to look at our faces and then painted independently. 
This week we have been into the computing suite for the first time. We had a go at logging in and then used the paint program to paint a picture. It was quite tricky! 
We have been reading the book called Ruby's Worry. We have been doing some drama and making freeze frames of the scenes from the book. It was a lot of fun and we all laughed a lot!
Today we have been making worry dolls. We designed worry dolls and followed our design to create our own dolls. We used wool, ribbons and material. We really enjoyed ourselves. 
We have had lots of fun in PE outside this morning.
Today we went into the computing suite. We had another go at logging on and then used a paint program to practise our mouse control. 
After that we had an Ipad session. We learnt how to take photographs and practised by photographing parts of our body.
Our new book is Paddington. We read Paddington together today and thought about his features. Some children had a go at making him from dough. 
This morning we did some 'smart reading' together in 1D. The children had a great time. 
Today we continued to learn about ourselves. This afternoon we did some skeleton collage work. 
We are learning about our body in science. We made a doctors surgery. the children have been writing appointment cards and prescriptions. 
We went on an Autumn walk. we looked for signs of Autumn and used all of our senses. We collected Autumn leaves and made observations of how they have changed. 
Take a look at our tricky maths. We have been learning about finding numbers which are greater, less or equal to a given amount. 
We have enjoyed observing the features of a face in art. We are practising our skills each week, sketching and drawing with pencil. 
We had a great time in PE this morning. 
We had a visit from the artist Tim Curtis. He helped us to make a pirate ship sculpture. 
We went on a walk for Geography around our school environment. We followed a map. 
Today we said 'Hello to Yellow'. We learned a little bit about mental health and dressed in yellow to raise money. 
Today we used the ipads and recorded our voices. We used the chatterkids app and added our voices to a Paddington animation. We had a lot of fun. 
This week we have had a lot of fun writing instructions to make our own marmalade sandwiches. When we had written the instructions we had a go at making the sandwiches. We enjoyed eating them afterwards! Yum Yum 
We are having a lot of fun learning about the part whole model in maths. Today we took it outside and used conkers to represent numbers. 
We have been creating portraits of our friends in art and developing our drawing skills using different media. 
We have been having a lovely time singing 'Hey You' in school this morning during our music lesson with Mrs Carter. 
We are learning about Jowett cars in History. Our school houses are named after Jowett car models. In art we have been using pens, pencils, chalk pastels and oil pastels to draw the different cars. 
Today we have had lots of fun, learning with our spooky challenges. This morning we have made pumpkin pots and built ghost towers. We had to work in teams to build the tallest tower. We had to think about how to create a strong structure and adapt our plans. We measured our towers to find the tallest one. 
We completed a pumpkin challenge for phonics today. It was a bit messy but loads of fun!
This half term we began learning about celebrations and festivals. We talked about the festival of Diwali. We learned the story of Rama and Sita. We made Diya lamps and decorated them. 
As a home learning challenge children created musical instruments. Look how wonderful they are.
We are learning about Black History as part of a whole school project. We are learning about Rosa Parks. We drew portraits in pastel. 
We had an African drumming workshop in school. It was amazing. We all had a go at playing the drums and had a lot of fun. It was very noisy. 
Today we had a classroom carnival. We wore our masks and played our instruments. 
This week the children have been learning to ride bikes. Those children who could already ride a bike practised their skills and those who didn't know how to ride had a go at some basic skills. It was lots of fun even though we got very wet.
Today we are having a maths day in school. We are completing maths challenges through the day. We are all dressed up as numbers or TT rockstars! 
Lots of children have completed their reading challenge cards this week so we had a little celebration together.  
We have been learning about algorithms in computing. We have enjoyed improving our skills using the Bee-Bots. 
This week we have read the book, 'Toys in Space' by Mini Grey. We brought our own toys into school to show our friends. We did a circle time and told each other all about our toy. We wrote about them and today we used chalk pastels to draw them. 
Today it's feeling a bit like Christmas. Cards, decorations and snow!!!!
Today in art we looked at our class artist, Mondrian. We have had lots of fun learning all about him and creating pages in our sketch books. 
Christmas fun is in full swing in 1D!
Winter art work today in 1D. Lots of fun!
We had a 'Break the Rules' day in school. The children had far too much fun!
Today it is Christmas Party day. The children are all excited to come to school in their party clothes. We started the morning with a House Christmas Quiz.
We listened to The Carnival of the Animals in our music lesson today. We had a go at listening to the music and guessing which animal it was about. 
Merry Christmas from 1D!