Autumn Term

We are 1G!
Our Class Councillor is Alfie!
A great first circle time in 1G telling Miss Gardner about ourselves!
In maths we have been sorting objects into different groups. We worked in pairs to discuss and organise the objects in many ways.
We sorted our friends into lots of different groups! 
We realised there are many ways to sort items/objects/people.
We sorted our class into the following groups:
  • Glasses/No Glasses
  • Girls/Boys
  • Dresses/Trousers/Skirts
  • Blue t-shirts /White t-shirts 
In science we labelled the human body. We drew around one of our friends and used our phonics to label the body.
We have been learning about 'Ruby's Worry' in English. 
In our PSHE and English lesson, we thought carefully about how the characters would feel at different times in the story.
We have been using mirrors to look carefully at our faces. Do you like our paintings?
Our first trip to the ICT suite. 
This lesson we all learnt how to log on to the computer and had a go at controlling the mouse on paint.
We have loved doing our PE lessons outside in the sunshine since we have been back at school. 
We have been learning to move in different ways and travelled around the playground by jumping, skipping, running and hopping. 
We have also been practising controlling a ball by throwing ,catching and bouncing it. 
There has been some great perseverance and partner work seen too! Well done 1G!
English - Freeze Frames 
We have been busy re-enacting parts of the story. We pretended to be the characters and thought about how they felt in the story at different points.
We have taken part in a practical science lesson this week. We have used our five senses carefully and recorded what we thought the objects/food were. It was very fun! 
Design Technology and PSHE
We have been learning all about Ruby's Worry in English over the last 2 weeks. In circle time, we have thought about what a worry is and discussed how to make our worries smaller. 
We planned and designed our own worry doll and made it in class too! 
All our worries will disappear! Do you like them?