Autumn Term

We are 1G!
Our Class Councillor is Alfie!
A great first circle time in 1G telling Miss Gardner about ourselves!
In maths we have been sorting objects into different groups. We worked in pairs to discuss and organise the objects in many ways.
We sorted our friends into lots of different groups! 
We realised there are many ways to sort items/objects/people.
We sorted our class into the following groups:
  • Glasses/No Glasses
  • Girls/Boys
  • Dresses/Trousers/Skirts
  • Blue t-shirts /White t-shirts 
In science we labelled the human body. We drew around one of our friends and used our phonics to label the body.
We have been learning about 'Ruby's Worry' in English. 
In our PSHE and English lesson, we thought carefully about how the characters would feel at different times in the story.
We have been using mirrors to look carefully at our faces. Do you like our paintings?
Our first trip to the ICT suite. 
This lesson we all learnt how to log on to the computer and had a go at controlling the mouse on paint.
We have loved doing our PE lessons outside in the sunshine since we have been back at school. 
We have been learning to move in different ways and travelled around the playground by jumping, skipping, running and hopping. 
We have also been practising controlling a ball by throwing ,catching and bouncing it. 
There has been some great perseverance and partner work seen too! Well done 1G!
English - Freeze Frames 
We have been busy re-enacting parts of the story. We pretended to be the characters and thought about how they felt in the story at different points.
We have taken part in a practical science lesson this week. We have used our five senses carefully and recorded what we thought the objects/food were. It was very fun! 
Design Technology and PSHE
We have been learning all about Ruby's Worry in English over the last 2 weeks. In circle time, we have thought about what a worry is and discussed how to make our worries smaller. 
We planned and designed our own worry doll and made it in class too! 
All our worries will disappear! Do you like them?
Today we went on an Autumn walk around school. We looked for signs of Autumn using our senses. 
We have continued practising our ball skills in PE this week. We have had a go at bouncing our ball on a bat. This was quite tricky.
We have been learning about the body in Science. We looked at human body and had a go at drawing the skeleton using chalk. We looked closely at the shapes of the bones.
Reading Phones
This week we have begun reading using our brand new reading phones!
Science and Computing
Today we really enjoyed capturing images of our friend's body parts using the ipads. 
We are getting alot better at logging onto the computer in the ICT suite. We are also getting better at controlling the mouse and drawing/painting pictures.
Take a look at our Paddington pictures we have made. 
English - Freeze Frames
We took part in an exciting activity in English today. Miss Gardner asked us to create freeze frames from the story 'Paddington'. We got into groups and decided who was going to be which character. Next looked carefully at the pictures and discussed what was happening. We re-enacted the picture and thought how the characters felt.
English - We are so proud of ourselves! Look at our amazing independent retell of Paddington!
Art - We have been learning about sketching in art. We have had a go at sketching each facial feature carefully. Then we had a go at putting it altogether using graphite. It has made a great display in the classroom.
Today we have been learning about > greater than, <less than and = equal to. We took part in some practical work and then used our whiteboards to demonstrate our understanding.
Art - Paddington Pastels to go on our beautiful display in the classroom.
Geography - Today we went on a walk around the school. We followed a map and as we moved we tracked our steps on the map. We looked on google earth and zoomed into Blakehill. As a class, we discussed what was surrounding our school too. We really enjoyed this lesson!
Art Morning with Tim Curtis
English - Hotseating and Question Writing
In English we have been busy pretending to be Paddington. We stepped into Paddington's shoes and got interviewed by our friends. Miss Gardner modelled it to us first and we wrote questions in groups to ask her.
PE - Ping Pong in PE with Mr Simmons
Computing  - E-safety Smart the Penguin 'Turn off and tell' 
Today we took created our own videos on the iPad. We discussed the importance of staying safe when we are out and about but also, when we are at home on different technology. We learnt what to do if something unfamiliar popped up on the screen. We talked about trusted adults we could tell if it ever happened.  STAY SAFE ON THE INTERNET EVERYONE! 
Geography -  Physical and Human Features 
We looked on google maps and found the United Kingdom and South America, where Paddington lives. We used the satellite mode and zoomed into look at the environment/landscape around the areas. We then learnt about physical and human features. We compared the United Kingdom and Peru and discussed where you would find more human features and why. The children sorted pictures into hoops and discussed them with their peers.
What a fab lesson today!
Maths - Numberline
We have been coming familiar with number lines.  We have filled missing numbers on a number line and then found how many jumps their are between 2 different numbers. We did bunny hops/frog leaps on the number line to help us count. 
Computing - Creating an animation
In Science we have been learning all about seasons. We have learnt about Autumn. We noticed the leaves change colour and fall off the trees. We created an animation to show off our knowledge. We did this in our computing lessons.
Our mouse skills have really improved since September too, we practise every week in the computer suite! 
Daily Mile in October
We have been completing our daily mile everyday at school in rain or sunshine!
Raising Money for Young Minds
Computing - Media 
We used the iPads to record sounds. We pretended to be Paddington and thought of things he might say. We used the chatterpix/chatterkids app to draw his mouth and record our voices. It was lots of fun!
We have been busy learning a Poem in English this week.
Miss Gardner hid the title of the poem and we had to guess what it was. - This was a challenge!
We then searched for rhyming words within the poem and highlighted them. We practised the poem - Pie Corbett style and performed it.
We had lots of fun and can't wait to learn another poem soon!
We have been learning about what life was like 100 years ago in Bradford. We learnt about the famous Jowett brothers. 
We did a virtual walk around the local area and looked for signs of the Jowett brothers.
We also had a go at sketching their car badge too. 
Today we played pairs in phonics. We blended the words and matched them to the correct picture. We also put the soundbuttons on too!
English and DT - Following instructions to make a Marmalade sandwich (It turns out not many of us like marmalade in 1G)
We have been listening to the beat and tempo in music with Mrs Carter