Autumn Term

Our First Visit to Reception!
We visited reception with one of our parents to become familiar with the setting, meet our teachers and get to know our new friends. We had a lovely morning and some of us even stayed for lunch!
Today we took part in a Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! We completed the 
'Safeguard the Handwashing Soap' program to help us remember the importance of correct handwashing. Can you remember the six moves we have to do?
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These children have celebrated their 5th birthday this week! 
Happy Birthday Myla, Beau and Dua!
In maths we have been learning all about matching and sorting. We played a game by trying to find pairs of socks. We know that 'pair' means 2.We had to look closely to find the two socks that match. Match means they have to look the same.
We have loved playing the game 'Welcome to the Zoo' on We have to listen really carefully to hear an animal noise and try to think which animal it could be. 
Dough Disco!
After lunch every day we take part in dough disco. We have to find our dough pot, next we warm up our hands by singing Tommy Thumb and then we follow the actions to the music. It is lots of fun! We are exercising our hands and fingers to make them get stronger. This will help us hold our pencil properly when we write.
The first book focus for our English work has been The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson.
We began by making a prediction of what we thought the story may be about by looking at a partially hidden front cover. We shared the story, described the main characters, sequenced the story and also role played the story in small groups using the character masks we had made.
Wellbeing and Mental Health
This term we have been really thinking about how we feel and how we behave. We have spoken lots during circle time with both Mrs Wardell and Mrs Bottomley. We have talked about what makes us happy and also shared some of the worries we may have. We know it is really important to have healthy mental health as well as our bodies being healthy physically. 
Art morning with Tim!
Tim came into school to work with every class over the course of two weeks. In Reception we were lucky to have him work with us for two mornings! We were focusing on sculpture, using card and paper as the main material. Mrs Wardell and Tim thought it would be a great challenge to create the deep, dark wood from The Gruffalo story! We painted boxes and paper to create tree bark and leaf shapes. We used straight and curved lines and lots of lovely nautural colours.
We loved the final result and have enjoyed continuing our learning about the story in it!
The Rainbow Factory
To support our children's mental health and well being we arranged for the Rainbow Factory to visit us. They delivered their brand new show 'Big Red' which is based on understanding our feelings and how we can control our emotions. The day began with a performance and meeting the 'mood monsters' before we split into groups to take part in a variety of workshop activities. One of our favourite things we did today was create our very own salt dough emotion face. 
Art morning with Sharon
RW were fortunate to have Sharon work with them to continue to add detail to our deep, dark wood. Sharon used the beautiful book 'The Story Orchestra - Four Seasons in One Day' to allow the children to discover what it would be like to travel through the four seasons.  This musical story book is based on the classical masterpiece The Four Seasons by Vivaldi. The book has buttons in each breathtaking scene that can be pushed to hear the vivid sound of an orchestra playing from Vivaldi's score. A magical book that the children loved!
Together they created some magnificent autumn trees, thinking about the colours and shapes needed.
We have begun to learn the individual letter sounds in our daily phonics lessons. So far we have learnt s and a. Today we focused on t. We learnt the Jolly Phonics song and action to help us remember it. We were set the challenge of using a paint brush to paint edible paint on a slice of bread before toasting! We loved being able to eat our t,t,t,t, toast! It was yummy!
Every Friday we have our PE lesson with Mr Simmons. We go outside and also use the hall. This term we have been focusing on our listening skills to ensure we follow the instructions. We have also been learning to move in a variety of ways.
Black History Month
As part of our work for Black History month we began with a very exciting drumming workshop.
We have loved our balance bike training with Chris from Bikeability. We were learning to balance, control, travel and stop.