Autumn Term

Autumn Term in Year 6
And so Year 6 begins...
Year 6 have begun the week recapping word classes, an area where some in the class really struggled. They have discussed what a 'word class' is and what jobs different words do. They then identified these different words from a short paragraph. 
Design Technology
Today, Year 6SR have started their Design Technology project exploring where different food comes from. The children looked at a variety of ingredients from around the world and used iPads to find out more information. There were lots of different (and unusual) ideas!
Exploring different religions
This week, Year 6 started learning all about Islam. We created a mind map of what we already knew and then explored Islamic new year which takes place at the beginning of October. Year 6 asked lots of interesting questions and were eager to know more!
To begin our art unit, we looked for information on Picasso. We looked at several of his famous paintings and discussed how they made us feel. We then worked in groups to research the famous artist. Here are some of the facts we found out:
  • Occupation: Artist
  • Born: October 25, 1881 in Málaga, Spain
  • Died: April 8, 1973 in Mougins, France
  • Famous works: The Pipes of Pan, Three Musicians, Guernica, The Weeping Woman
  • Style/Period: Modern Art, Cubism. 
Pablo Picasso grew up in Spain where he was born on October 25, 1881. His father was a painter and art teacher. Pablo liked to draw from an early age. Legend has it that his first word was "piz", short for "pencil" in Spanish. It soon became apparent that despite Pablo having little interest in school, Pablo was an extremely talented artist.
Design Technology
Year 6 have been continuing their Design Technology unit looking at where different ingredients come from. In today's lesson, Year 6 completed their world maps, labelling the different continents and oceans. Next week, Year 6 will research where their ingredients come from and how they can be used in day-to-day cooking, adding their chosen food to their world map. Watch this space!
In today’s local history lesson, we used a Venn diagram to compare what we knew about World War II and what we had learnt about the Battle of Stamford Bridge. There were a lot of differences between the two conflicts; however, there were also a few similarities even though there was nearly 1000 years between both events. 
Today, we held a coffee morning in support of Macmillan Cancer Research. Each year, people in the UK and worldwide host their own coffee morning. The donations received go towards Macmillan services. In 2016 alone, then world's biggest coffee morning raised £29.5 million. After, Year 6 led a discussion on what a 'charity' is and why they are so important. We also explored the works of Dr. Barnardo, the founder of children's charity, Barnardo's. 
In English, we have been looking at a survival story about a young man who becomes stranded in the Amazon Rainforest. Today, the children used 'hot seating' to interview the character. They then turned their questions and answers into direct speech using the correct pieces of punctuation - well done Year 6!
Year 6 had the first of their transition workshops today. Mr. O'Neil from Hanson Secondary School, spoke to Year 6 about life at Hanson and what they can expect at at big school!
The Mighty Zulu Nation
To start Black History Month, we had a visit from the Zulu warriors! We learnt some dancing and songs and even got to join in. We loved seeing Mr Rhodes, Mr Sidebottom and Mr Hodges showing off their best moves. The singing and dancing was amazing. It was a great opportunity to find out about the different life styles and cultures. 

The Mighty Zulu Nation Theatre Company has for the past 13 years been committed to promoting projects and activities designed to educate and develop multicultural awareness of all minority groups in the UK. The main motivation of the project is to provide a unique cultural experience that merits the development of a creative foundation, designed to stimulate individual integrity. Growing positive perceptions and understanding in pursuit of respecting values while identifying with all the creative aspects of life encourages us to share our common humanity.

Perfect for all age groups, it has to be Blackpool Pleasure Beach! Home to the mega-coaster that is the Big One, the UK’s only Nickelodeon Land and the Wallace & Gromit ride, Thrill-O-Matic, Blackpool Pleasure Beach is full of world firsts. 
When we took Year 6 to Blackpool, it was a day of fun, bravery and challenges. Many children were afraid of some of the rides but we encouraged each other to step out of our comfort zones and push ourselves to try new things.
The children were put into groups with other children from Year 6 whom they do not usually play with. This gave the children a great opportunity to get to know some of the children that they may not know as well as they could do. 
We have a great day and even the weather didn't dampen our spirits. Here is just a selection of photographs from our day:
Music Assembly
Year 6 took part in a music assembly today where they learnt about lots of different instruments and how they work. They were also told more about the history of the instruments and what to do if they were interested in playing one!
Harvest Assembly
Today was our harvest assembly. Rev. Collins joined us and talked about what harvest it; why we mark this time of year; and the significance of harvest for Christians. 
Obstacle Course
The clouds finally parted and the sun came out (just). Today was the day we had been waiting for, Mr. Patterson's famous obstacle course. We ducked under, went over and ran as fast as we could in order to beat our time and see who would come first!
Singing with Mr. Froud
Mr Froud, from the Zephaniah Trust, came to visit us today. He brought his guitar and we sang songs about love, peace and respect. He spoke to us about events in life and linked these to moral stories from the Bible.
The Zephaniah Trust is a registered charity (no 1036478) supporting Christian musicians and artists who “take light into dark corners” throughout Bradford and beyond, in schools and with churches and community groups.
We would like to thank Mr Froud for taking to time to come to our school.
Ultimate Frisbee 
As part of our enhanced P.E. provision, Year 6 took part in an Ultimate Frisbee workshop today organised by Ms. Dobson in partnership with Sports UK. 
Tropical World / Roundhay Park
This week, Year 6 visited Tropical World and the woodland at Roundhay Park to enhance their learning comparing the Amazon rainforest to local, UK environments. 
While at Tropical World, we explored the habitats, plant species and animal species that would typically be found in the Amazon rainforest, working our way through the different 'layers'. We  learnt lots of facts about how living things adapt and evolve to survive in a tropical climate such as the one in the Amazon. 
Later on in the day, we explored the fantastic woodland around Roundhay Park. We discovered a lot of differences between the woodland here and rainforests in the Amazon!
We all had a fantastic day!
Frisbee competition
Some of our Year 6 children took part in a frisbee competition this week with Ms. Dobson. 
Y6 Parent Information Evening
Last night, we held our annual Y6 Parent Information Evening. Thank you to all the parents who braved the wet and windy weather to come to school. If you were unable to make it or you wanted to double check something, the presentation is saved below. If you do have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Y6 team. 
SPaG Hunt!
Today, we went on a SPaG hunt around school. After solving each question, we went on to the next one, recording our answers on our sheet. We then peer-marked our answers, discussing each question in turn. 
Year 6 Group 1 have continued to create their own Picasso-inspired paintings in Art with Mrs. Marsden and Mrs. Bedell. Year 6 Group 2 will continue theirs next week!
Celebrating work in Y6
At Blakehill, we aim to celebrate the work of all children. Here are two of Y6's class displays focusing on their work around the Amazon Rainforest and a writing unit exploring a magical ride on a hot air balloon. 
Singing in Y6
In the run up to our Christingle service in a few weeks time,  Y6 are practising hard, ready to impress us with their singing. A big thank you to Mrs. Bedell and Mrs. Feather for all their handwork in getting the children ready; preparing the lyrics; and running extra practice sessions. 
Y6 have started their first science unit of the year, 'Classification and Living Things'. The children have classified different animals according to their similarities and differences. They have also learnt about the first system of classification - the Linneaus system - developed by Carl Linneaus over 300-years ago. This week, the children have started learning about micro-organisms and have set-up an investigation to explore which is the best environment to grow mould in! We should hopefully (fingers crossed) find out our answer in 2-weeks time!
Y5 / Y6 Movie Night
It was movie night at the Blakehill iMax last week! A massive thank you to everyone who came along! We hoped that you enjoyed watching the movie and eating all the delicious treats on offer!
In 6SR, the children have been learning about street art / graffiti art.
The children looked at a range of street art pictures and discussed what they knew about this form of art work. The class then discussed where they may find this form of art e.g. abandoned buildings. Children discussed whether this form of art is a crime of vandalism or whether it is an art form which enhances the area. What do you think?
In Science, we have been exploring living things and their habitats, including microorganisms. We have recently conducted an investigation to determine which environment mould grows best in. Here are some pictures of what we have discovered so far...
Rewind to Christmas
This week, Y6 visited St Cuthbert Church, Wrose for our annual 'Rewind to Christmas' workshop where pupils learnt about the true meaning of Christmas.