Autumn Term

In topic we have been learning about our local village, Idle, and comparing it to Clapham (which is where we stay when we go to Ingleborough Hall). We have been looking at different maps and pictures, comparing the roads, transport links and types of buildings. 
We also went on a local visit to Idle and filled out some surveys. This included a vehicle and building count. This will help us compare Idle and Clapham when we go visit Ingleborough Hall. 
In English we have been looking at The Great Mouse Plot by Roald Dahl. We continued writing part of the story using our imagination, and focused on included different fronted adverbials. 
We also looked at writing an apology letter to Mrs Pratchett for putting a dead mouse in her sweet jar. We focused on using Subordinating and Coordinating conjunctions. We worked in pairs and wrote examples of sentences in different colours on big paper. 
We used a software called pic collage to illustrate what we have created.
ZULU Warriors
5L took part in some workshops with some Zulu Warriors from South Africa. They learnt different chants in Zulu, and also different dance moves. They then performed their routine to the rest of the school during a performance assembly. 
Obstacle Course
On Tuesday 15th October 5L tackled the obstacle course. Each child took part with a smile on their faces and even got some parents/grandparents involved! 
In English we have started to look at the spooky story, Room 13. We made predictions and filled out the puzzle grid on sticky notes. We have also began to look at the different features in the story. 
In RE we have been looking at different symbols and what they mean in each religion. We have looked closely at Buddhism and Christianity.  
In Science we are looking at life cycles. We have focused on the human life cycle and all the different stages, and then compared them to different animals life cycles. We are also focusing on plant life cycles and reproduction. 
In computing we are focusing on media. We started by making posters relating to our Science topic, life cycles. We were manipulating shapes, enhancing and reshaping the size.  
Homework Projects
5L's homework project this term was based on our new Science topic The sun, Moon and Earth. Here are just a few of the absolutely fantastic examples that 5L brought in. So much time and effort was put into these projects. Well done! 
Yorkshire Mining Museum 
In year 5 we were lucky enough to go and visit the National Yorkshire Mining Museum. During our visit we took part in workshops, learning about what life was like in the Victorian times for families who were miners. We also went down into a real coal mine, 149m below the ground! 
To finish off for Christmas we performed the poem 'Twas The Night Before Christmas with a twist. Focusing on one section each, we performed to the rest of the class, using actions and props.