Autumn Term

Autumn 1 
As part of our learning about States of Matter, we went outside to role-play how solids, liquid and gases are different due to how their particles act.

As an introduction to gases, we observed raisins in soda water to discover that gas rises and takes raisins up before disappearing and causing them to fall back down.

We took part in a comparative test to answer our own questions about how ice melts.

We learnt about evaporation by making observations over time and gathering measurements to support our observations. 

We learnt about how the changing states all occur in the water cycle by observing what happens in model of the cycle.


In media, we practised taking different distance shots before using the pictures in pic collage to create a poster sharing what we like about a classmate.


In maths, we have been learning about Roman numerals where we made them using art straws.

We have used place value counters to help us develop our understanding of the formal methods for addition and subtraction.



During our build up to writing news reports, we role-played by freeze framing as if we were there on the day when the wolf attacked.

After freeze framing, we acted as if we were there when Atrix read out the terrible news about the fire and considered how the town’s people would react.


In the running part of athletics, we took part in races of different lengths which requires both speed and stamina. We developed our running technique using ‘L-shaped’ arms.

Black History Month

As part of Black History month, we were visited by Zulu warriors who led two action packed assemblies. After that, we completed a workshop where we learnt a dance to perform in assembly at the end of the day. 

Nell Bank
Autumn 2 
Eden Camp