Autumn Term

PE: Striking and Fielding
In PE this half term, we are learning how to strike and field. We are practising this skills whilst kicking, throwing and rolling the ball. We are working in teams to send the ball where we want and stop it as quickly as possible. We build up these skills before using them in a competitive game. 
Art: Picasso
With Mrs Marsden we are learning all about the work of Pablo Picasso and will be learning to work in a similar way to him so that we can create self portraits in the same style. 
PSHE: Relationships
In PSHE we have been learning about relationships focusing on the idea of friendship. We have explored what a friend is and why we should be friendly to people we know but who aren't our friends. We read the poem Buddy Chair and role played how we would be friendly to others as a buddy. 
English: Poetry
In our first English unit we have explored the poem 'Together'. We have worked in buddys to read the poem aloud, identify its main features and comprehend the main idea of friendship that is behind it. We talked about what this meant to us and how it linked to our school day. 
In all of our reading lessons we buddy read to help each other become more confident at reading tricky words and more fluent. 
Maths: Place Value
 In our maths lessons, we have been learning about the different value of digits all the way up to 1000. We have used base ten a lot to help us understand how to build these numbers, order and compare them and find 10, 100 more or less. 
We are very lucky to be taught by Senora Haynes every Tuesday afternoon. She is teaching us how to introduce ourselves, say hello and goodbye and give some basic information about ourselves. We practise our spanish out loud with her, use our spanish to sing songs and play games using the written version of our words.
Curriculum Carousel: Computing Science
Every Friday morning, we do hands on curriculum learning. At the moment, we are exploring how to program and the different types of commands we need. We had a go at creating algorithms for each other to navigate around a course and on a maze before learning about repeat commands and how these could help us. We are now using these different repeat, move, turn and start commands to write  a program on and scratch.
English: The Twits - Letter Writing
In English, we are reading the Twits by Roald Dahl and we love it! Ellie and Hassan can't stop giggling at all the tricks they play on each other! We are learning how to write letters because Miss Gardner has sent us a letter saying she has new neighbours and they sound exactly like Mr and Mrs Twit! We know that we need to write back to warn her! We are learning what a letter should look like and the vocabulary that we need to write a good one! 
Science: Plants 
We are learning about the different parts of a plant and the jobs that they do. We have planned and set up an experiment to explore the job of the stem. 
Fire Children
For Black History month we have been exploring the African creation story Fire Children. We have explored it in English and Reading lessons looking at how it has been written in order to write our own creation story. We have also compared it with Christina and Jewish creation stories. We want to learn more about Africa as a continent and so will also be using our Geography skills to understand more about where the book is set. Finally we are going to explore the history of Desmond Tutu in order to deepen our understanding of the African culture. 
Curriculum Carousel: Textiles
In our curriculum carousel this time, we are deepening our sewing skills by learning a variety of stitches, how to help ourselves when we go wrong and how to finish off a piece of sewing. 
Sponsored Obstacle Course
We took part in our annual sponsored obstacle course as part of our community work raising money for school. We encouraged each other and showed great teamwork. We loved scrambling 5roygh the net and vaulting over the jumps. 
School Linking
We have linked with Westbourne Primary School to meet people who come from a different social, cultural and ethnic background to ours. Having exchanged jigsaws and questions about each other, we met at Nell Bank to make friends. We had an amazing day working in pairs to scavenger hunt, play on the adventure play and walk through some very muddy woods!