Autumn Term

We drew self portraits today. We tried really carefully to create accurate skin colours.
Our finished portraits! We think they really look like us!
We counted to 100 and beyond in maths today.  
In RE we are learning about how things are precious to people. We each brought in something that was precious to us and talked to the rest of the class about it.
We like to keep fit by doing a daily mile. 
We went to Saltaire today to learn about Titus Salt and Saltaire. The sun shone and we had a fabulous day.
Music and Dance
We enjoyed listening to and watching the Zulu Warriors today! They are from South Africa. 
We went to St Cuthbert's Church today. Mr Froud told us some stories from the Bible. We had a look at lots of different Bibles in the exhibition.
We loved listening to live music today! 
We had fun on the obstacle course today! We ran round three times.
Today we went to the War Memorial in Eccleshill to give thanks and show respect to those who lost their lives in WW1 and WW2. Kayden laid the wreath that we had made and Sophie said a prayer that we had written together.
We made waterproof hats for our teddies. We tested the materials first and then made the hats. 
We used primary sources to find out about the First World War. We looked at photographs of soldiers in the trenches and imagined what it must have been like to have been there.
I'm Gonna Shine!
This was our first performance. We have worked hard learning songs and lines, singing  songs and acting!
We had our Christmas party today! Santa came to visit us. We played games and had party food. 
Merry Christmas!
We've been practising our keyboard skills today in Computing.