Autumn Term

We have had a lovely first week in 1W. The 'All About Me' bag sent home over the Summer holiday has been a great success with so many families getting engaged in the activity. It was a fantastic way to get to know one another and we all tried really hard to listen carefully as we took turns to share our special items.
In maths we have been learning to sort objects depending on the size, colour, shape or type. We have worked practically with a variety of resources alongside our peers to decide on the criteria for sorting. Mrs Wardell challenged us to find another way to sort them to make us really think about the items key features.
In our first art lesson with Mrs Marsden we explored lines inspired by the work of Paul Klee. We used a black whiteboard pen and took it for a 'walk' on our individual whiteboards. we were really happy with the results.
Revisiting phase 3 phonics to consolidate learning and to practise spotting digraphs in words. We used our phoneme fingers and applied sound buttons to our writing. 
In English we have enjoyed working with the lovely story ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ by Judith Kerr. 
Bingo fun in maths!
Continuing our line work in art with Mrs Marsden.
As part of our science work where we have been exploring our five senses, we went for a walk around the school on a ‘Senses Field Walk’. We also took part in an experiment to see if we could identify different smells even when we couldn’t see the items. Some of us did better than others at this! Mrs Wardell had covered four pots with different smells in them. After the experiment Mrs Wardell revealed what each pot had in them.
Pot 1 - coffee
Pot 2 - vinegar
Pot 3 - bubble bath
Whole class independent reading has really taken off in 1W!
The children enjoyed reading to their tiger and were so excited to take them home.
We had a fantastic trip to the Industrial Museum to learn more about the Jowett car history in our local area as well as finding out what life was like 100 years ago. We loved taking part in the 'Washday Workshop'.
The rain finally stayed away today allowing us lots of fun whilst taking part in the obstacle course.
In maths we have begun to focus on addition. We have been learning that numbers can be partitioned into two or more groups. We have also been introduced to using a part whole model to demonstrate our understanding.
To support our understanding of Kenya in our work for Black History month we began with a map skills lesson in Geography. 
We have worked hard in our computing lessons to learn how to log on to the system. Today we were excited to be introduced to RM Maths and are eager to keep practising at home!
In our RE work we have been learning all about the Sikh festival ‘Diwali’. We made our own diva lamps by following a salt dough recipe, allowing it to dry and then painting them.
We play lots of games in our phonics lessons to help us recognise and practise each sound. 
To support our work on our ‘Toys’ topic, we completed a mini homework project as part of our history work. It really helped us to talk to our family to find out what our favourite toys were in our past to complete
We had a super morning visiting Abbey House Museum to take part in a ‘Toys through time’ workshop.
Every Thursday morning at 8.30am parents are invited into year one with their child for a special early morning reading session.
Continuing our history work we looked closely at two teddy bears, making comparisons and deciding which was old and which was new.
Our completed display for Black History month. In English we focused on the story ‘Lila and the Secret of Rain’. In History we studied the book ‘Mama Miti’ about the Kenyan environmentalist Wangari Mathai from Kenya. In Geography we continued to use the globe and atlases in our work.