Autumn Term

We have settled really well into school life. We love our new classroom and have started making new friendships.
In maths we have been learning about repeating patterns. We had a go at making our own!
We have been working hard on being good listeners. We cut out some ears to make a listening hat and went on a listening walk all around school. We heard talking, footsteps, the photocopier, the fish tank, a lawn mower, cars and lots more.
For our ICT baseline we had a go at taking selfies on the iPad. We were able to find the camera app and take our pictures independently.
We flew to France to learn about the culture, the food and famous landmarks. Here we are on the aeroplane singing 'Frere Jacques.'
We had a go at sorting items based on their initial sounds. We had to say the item and decide whether it started with a 's' or a 't'.
We had a lovely french lunch at school today!
We have done lots of French activities in the classroom. We had to match number snails, feed the frog words, we built the Eiffel tower and even enjoyed a 'Nice' biscuit on our flight to France!
We enjoyed a french breakfast of croissants and brioche dipped in hot chocolate. It was delicious!
This week we are in Italy! We have learnt about the Italian flag and are seeing green, white and red popping up all over our classroom. We have made our own pizza shop and Italian necklaces.
We love our outdoor space and all the learning we do outside!
To celebrate being in Italy, we made our own pizzas. We could chose our own toppings and decorate them as we wanted.
They were delicious!!!
Our very own Mount Vesuvius erupted today!
We welcomed the grown ups in today to learn all about phonics. They learnt how we teach phonics at school, some of the actions and how they can help support the teaching of phonics at home.
We learnt the 't' phoneme. We read 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' and had our very own tea party with jam tarts. We made our own tiger masks to wear.
We were visited by some animals who live all around the world. We met Titanium the tarantula, two milk frogs, Cosmo the chameleon, Norman the tortoise, a boa constrictor and Olive the monitor lizard. We were able to stroke the animals and find out where they were from and what they ate.
We tasted some different African fruits. We had to rate the fruit depending whether we thought it was delicious, or if we didn't like it at all. Some of us really surprised ourselves with trying something new.
We learnt the 'n' phoneme and had a neon glow stick party!
We learnt all about China. We tried rice and spring rolls and ate with chopsticks. We found it very tricky!
We wanted to find out what things were in our school environment. We talked about what we might find and who we might see. We explored all around our school and met some new faces. We collected some of the items we found on our trip and talked about them in the classroom. 
The last country we learnt about this half term was England. We learnt about the capital city of London and found where the Queen lives. We made our own crowns and had our very own afternoon tea with scones. 
We invited our grown ups to come for a phonics challenge afternoon. We had 5 activities to complete and had the chance to show everyone how well we were doing with our reading and writing.
We celebrated Remembrance day by making our own poppy biscuits.
We celebrated World Nursery Rhyme Week. We have been singing, making up new actions, singing different versions and making our own Incy Wincy Spiders.
In maths we have been using 10 frames to represent different numbers. We had a go at making numbers from 1-8 and then justifying how we knew we had that many without counting.
We have been learning lots of new phonemes and incorporating them into our play both inside and outside the classroom.
We love playing and learning during freeflow!
We had a fun time at the school's Christmas fair. We made baubles, played games and even got to go and see Santa.
We really enjoyed performing our nativity 'We Three Kings' to our grown ups and the rest of the school. We did so well and made everyone very proud.
We skyped Santa! We asked him lots of questions and he told us about his preparations for Christmas.