Autumn Term

We have had a fantastic start to Reception. The children have settled into school life really well and are enjoying their learning opportunities. Even though we have only been in school for three days we have been really busy and already begun our learning. 
We have enjoyed eating lunch together at school.
Today our second group of children began reception. We have had a lovely day playing inside and outside. 
We all ate our lunch together in the hall. 
This week we are beginning our adventure 'Around the World'. We are starting our adventure with a trip over the Channel to France. Our provision is going to support our learning indoors and outdoors. We will learn french songs, and find out all about life in France. On Friday we are going to try french foods!
Today we have been learning about mixing paint to create new colours.
We learnt a french song.
We enjoyed flying to France in our plane. We waved our flags and sang french songs as we landed. this week we will learn all about life in France. 
Today we practised our listening skills and listened for sounds on the computer. we tried to identify each sound by listening carefully. 
We have had a busy day exploring our provision today. We have done a lot of independent learning.
We have been listening and trying to hear the initial sounds in words. We dis a sorting activity today, sorting words according to their initial sound. 
Today it was a beautiful, sunny day. We enjoyed exploring our outside space. 
We had a french themed lunch today at school! The children loved the red, white and blue cakes!
Today is our french breakfast. We are going to taste foods from France.
This week we have begun to learn about our first grapheme. We have learnt all about the 's' grapheme and phoneme. This morning we sand the 's' song, learnt the action and had a go at forming the shape of the grapheme in sparkly sand with a stick. After our carpet input the children continued to explore 's' within our provision. They snipped, squeezed and squirted. 
As part of our 'Around the World' topic we are flying to Italy today. In our provision we have got a wonderful play dough pizza shop. 
We have been strengthening up our arm muscles ready to do some super writing in the next few weeks. We have been practising big mark making and upside down writing, to help our shoulders get stronger. 
We flew to Italy at lunchtime! we can't wait to learn all about Italy this week!
This week we are learning all about Italy. We have our very own volcano to climb! 
Today we began learning all about the grapheme 'a'. We had a go at 'apple bobbing' to find words starting with the 'a' sound. 
This morning we held a phonics workshop for parents. Lots of parents came along to practise their phonics sounds and actions.
Today the children have all had a go at creating their own mini pizza. We will cook them tomorrow and eat them when we celebrate our week learning all about Italy. 
Today our Italian volcano erupted! 
We made Roman helmets and tasted our pizza! What a busy day!
Today we continued our trip around the world, we made tiger masks as we are learning the 't' sound this week and flew to Africa. We listened to African music and learnt a little bit about African culture. 
We loved making our tiger masks!
We read 'The Tiger who came to tea'. We spotted words starting with 't'. We ate jam tarts and had a tiger tea party.
Look at our fantastic provision this week!
Today we continued to practise the 't' grapheme. We had a team, timed, T-Rex challenge. 
We met the African Zulu Warriors today. They danced and sang! It was an amazing experience!
Today was a popcorn, pasta and pizza kind of day in Reception. 
We tasted tropical fruits that you might find growing in Africa.
Today we had a visit from Into the Wild, we saw lots of different animals! It was amazing!
We have enjoyed learning our phonics in school. We loved practising 'i' with a stick in icky sticky mud. 
We made 'n' neon necklaces when we learnt about the 'n' grapheme. 
Some children had a go at creating CVC words on our magnetic board. 
We are learning about the numbers 1, 2 and 3. We have enjoyed learning about five frames and we created a very exciting 1,2,3 conker game outside. 
We celebrated learning the 'n' phoneme with a neon party in the classroom!
Some children are very proud of their home learning number project! Well done and thank you for everyone who created a number diary!
Today we made delicious fruit kebabs!
Today it was our sponsored obstacle course! We had loads of fun, jumping, crawling and running. 
This week we have learnt all about the 'm' phoneme and grapheme. We wrote the 'm' grapheme with mud paint and made monster 'm' masks. 
We flew to China. We had a special Chinese lunch! Yum Yum 
We welcomed our parents into school this morning to read with us. Lots of grown ups came and the children really enjoyed showing them what they have learned. 
We are learning all about China in Reception this week. 
We have made dough 'd' graphemes to support us in learning about the 'd' shape and sound. 
Today we tasted Chinese food and used chopsticks! What a challenge! We wore our Chinese hats!
Today we invited our grown ups into our classroom to help us to complete our phonics challenges. We had challenges to complete in the outdoor and indoor classrooms. When we completed a challenge we received a sticker for our challenge chart. When we had collected five stickers we could receive a certificate. We all had a lot of fun and it was lovely to see so many parents working alongside their children in the setting! A big thank you to everyone who came!
We have been enjoying learning about the Autumn season within our provision. Children have explored potions, spooky slime and pumpkins. We have also had great fun jumping in the crispy leaves. 
Once again we had a successful parent reading session this morning. It was lovely to see so many children enjoying sharing a book with their adult. 
Today we went for an autumn walk around our school. We learnt about our school environment and talked about who we might meet. 
To complete our trip around the world, this week we flew back to England and today we wore our crowns and had afternoon tea.
We are excited to be back in school this week. We have been learning about the 'g' phoneme and grapheme. We practised formation in green ghost goo and then played a 'g' guessing game. 
We have been learning about 2D shapes. We have sorted shapes and numbers. 
Our topic this half term is Celebrations. This week we are celebrating bonfire night. 
We made chocolate apples to celebrate Bonfire Night. 
Today we made poppy biscuits!
We enjoyed celebrating Children in Need in our own clothes. We made Pudsey Bear ears. 
In Reception we have been learning about the numbers 1-8. We have been subatising a given number and we have used ten frames to represent our thinking.  
This week it is World Nursery Rhyme Week. We have been practising nursery rhymes and today we made a spider picture to represent Incy Wincy. 
We are getting our classroom ready for Christmas! Yippee
We have started making Christmas decorations out of salt dough to take home to hang on our Christmas trees. 
We enjoyed a wonderful music assembly yesterday, learning all about instruments and different types of music. We really enjoyed singing along. 
We had great fun in our Christmas home corner today.
This week we have performed our nativity, 'We Three Kings'. The children did a wonderful job and sang beautifully. Well done to all the children in Reception. 
Today we skyped Santa. The children were so excited and had lots of questions to ask. The adults were quite giddy too. 
Today we had a Christmas photo booth. The children loved taking their own photos with the ipods. Mrs Lister enjoyed it too. 
We had a wonderful Christmas party this afternoon. The children had a wonderful time and we even had a visit from Santa. Merry Christmas to all our fantastic reception children and their grown ups!
We loved having a Christmas sing a long this afternoon!
Today is our last day of term before we break up for Christmas! We are all wearing our Christmas jumpers and looking forwards to our Christmas Lunch. This afternoon we are going to sing Christmas songs around the tree. 
We had a delicious Christmas lunch today in school!