Autumn Term

Design Technology - Cards with mechanisms 
This year we have had a design technology focus on mechanisms in cards. 
Before making our cards we investigated a number of different cards that use a "pull" mechanism in them, then we went about having a go at making a pull mechanism. We found that you have to think carefully about the distance between the slits in the card to ensure you are able to have enough of the pull tab to reveal another image. Once we had explored this we moved onto thinking about the design of our card. 
We thought carefully about the audience of our card and the purpose of the pull tab during the design process. We also thought about the best artistic medium to use to create our cards. 

UKS2 Christingle Service

On Wednesday 12th December years 5 and 6 held a Christingle service at St Cuthbert’s church in Wrose for parents and friends of the pupils.

The Christingle service told the story of the first Christmas through readings, poems and carols.   Many parents and reverend Colin commented on how beautifully our pupils sang their carols, including Infant Holy and Mary’s Boy Child chosen specifically for years 6 and year 5 to sing as individual year groups. 

Amazon Rainforest Research 

As part of our topic about the Amazon Rainforest we have learning about the different features and characteristics of the rainforest. We tried a new note making technique called Dictoglossing for our research method. We found this very useful as it meant we pick out key points that interested us and we realised that we all ended up with slightly different points in our notes. 

Rewind to Christmas 
On Thursday 6th December Year 6 visted St Cuthbert's church in Wrose to take part in a Christmas based workshop. 
Pupils learnt about the first Christmas and found out what Christians believe happened around the birth of Jesus. During the workshop pupils made their own tealight holders and thought about how candles are an important symbol for Christians as they remind them of Jesus the light of the world.

White Rose Maths Hub Barvember

Throughout November Mrs Russell’s maths group and 6R have looked at some BARVEMBER problems in mathematics lessons and on an afternoon. The BARVEMBER problems gave us a lot to think about! We used bar models to represent what the problems told us so that we were able to work out what calculations were needed to solve the problem. In order to successfully solve the problems, we needed to take a systematic approach to the problem and be willing to persevere with the problem when we found it difficult.

Tropical World
On Wednesday 21st November, Year 6 visited Tropical World and the Woodland at Roundhay Park to enhance the learning for their Science and Geography topics of Evolution and Adaptation and Rainforests.
While at Tropical World we explored the habitats, plant species and animal species that would typically be found in the Amazon Rainforest, working our way through the different "layers". We were able to make observational drawings of the plants and animals while learning lots of facts about how living things adapt and evolve to survive in a tropical climate such as the one in the Amazon. 
Later on in the day we were able to take our learning from Tropical world and compare the knowledge we have tropical rainforests with a temperate deciduous forest. We discovered a lot of differences between the two types of forests, which included a definite difference in temperature (the woodland was really cold!)!  

Poppy Pebbles

In remembrance of the soldiers who fought in World War 1, as part of our work around Armistice 100, every child in school has made a poppy. 

In 6R we decided we would like to make poppy pebbles that could be added to our pebble path outside the entrance of the school.

Puberty Talk

On 12th November a school nurse came to visit Year 6 to deliver their talk about growing up and the changes that will happen to their bodies.  

Boys and girls had separate talks but both learnt about the changes that will happen to their bodies and about respecting people of the opposite gender while these changes happen.


World War 1 style self portraits

As part of our work around Armistice 100 we produced self-portraits as WW1 soldiers. We thought about shade and tone for our portrait, considering where you could see shadow on our faces.

To make our background we created a camouflage collage.   

Evolution and adaptation
For our new science topic we have been exploring evolution. 

We worked in groups to sequence events and create a timeline for evolution – we were fascinated to find out that everything grew from micro-organisms and that dinosaurs evolved from fish!

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

On Friday 12th October 6R, along with 6G, visited Blackpool Pleasure. This visit gave pupils the opportunity to face new challenges and it was also a great chance for our children to act in a mature way with independence and self-confidence.

Obstacle course

Our annual sponsored obstacle course took place on Monday 9th October. The funds raised from this will help pay for transport for the Year 4, 5 and 6 residential visits later on in the year.

Bluebell Planting
As part of our memorial for Belle we have planted bluebells in front of the school. When springs comes we can't wait to see how they will grow and whenever see our bluebells we think about Isabelle, who will always have a very special place in the heart of everyone in 6R. 


Year 6 enjoyed taking part in the bike training they received on Monday 1st October. As part of the training children were taught how mount and dismount a bike, how to use both brakes on a bike safely and how to ride correctly. The children also learnt about the importance of signalling and finding safe places to stop. For some of us this was our first time on a bike – we learnt to ride in 40 minutes!

Extreme Frisbee

On Tuesday 25th September Sports UK visited year 6 to deliver an Extreme Frisbee coaching session. Children worked on learning the different grip styles an catch styles required, then they moved on to  looking at the rules of the game and had a go at playing some short sets. The children will also be looking more at this sport in their PE unit on invasion games with Miss Dobson.

 Classifying living things

We have been learning about classification in our science topic. When thinking about the plant kingdom we looked at different leaves from deciduous trees on our school field. After collecting the leaves, we looked at different trees and discussed the features of leaves including the veins, shape and structure.

Thinking about moving on

On Wednesday 26th September two members of staff from Hanson Academy came to visit us in Year 6. They came to talk to us about Hanson Academy ahead of us making our choices for Secondary School. We had lots of questions to ask about the building and about routines and expectations at secondary school. We found this really useful as it made us think about what to look for when visiting secondary schools with our parents. 

On Wednesday 8th September we made dream catchers. The activity allowed us to talk about our feelings and think about all of the happy and sad things that have happened over the past few weeks. Our dream catchers represent all of us in different ways. We love seeing them hanging in our class. 

To make our mark on our new classroom we made our names in stained glass windows. When the light shines through them it really brightens up our room. While we made these it gave us chance to talk about anything that was playing on our mind about the year ahead.

New Beginnings.
We are now settling in to our new role as Year 6 children. We have discussed what we want to achieve this year and we have set ourselves some targets.
Mrs Russell is really impressed with how mature the children have been since starting in year 6 and is looking forward to seeing everyone achieve their goals and targets as the year progresses.