Autumn Term

Well done to all of these children from 6G who attended school everyday in the Autumn Term. By coming to school everyday they are giving themselves the best chance of meeting their full potential. 
Christmas Dinner
Today it was Christmas dinner day. The hall looked wonderful with Christmas themed table cloths and instead of water, the children were treated to juice with their meals.
All of the teachers sat and had lunch with the children. Reverend Colin and Natalie from St Cuthbert's church also joined us.
Christmas Jumper Day
Today we all wore our best Christmas jumpers to school. Take a look at our jumpers. Even the teachers wore theirs too. 
Independent Studies
We have been learning about the Amazon Rainforest in our topic lessons. In 6G some of the children have made some independent studies so show their independent research in the area. We have displayed them in our classroom and are very proud of the work they have produced. 
We used colours, tones and shades to make our seasons calendars. The children used colours to reflect each of the seasons of the year. 
Christingle Service
Years 5 and 6 performed a fantastic Chrisngle service at St Cuthbert's church. Lots of parents attended any enjoyed the service. The children sang lots of songs and told the story of the birth of Jesus.
This term in PE we have been learning skills for hockey. Today we had a match against our friends in class. Miss Dobson taught us how to hold the hockey sticks in order to control the ball / puck.
Rewind to Christmas
Today we went to St Cuthbert's church to learn about the first Chirstmas. We found out what Christians believe about birth of Jesus. 
Whilst we were there we made t-light holders so we can light candles. We found out the candles are lit to remind Christian of Jesus- the light of the world.
We had a fantastic morning. 
Today we used the Ipads to research the similarities and differences between the Amazon Rainforest and Roundhay Woodlands. We found a few similarities and lots of differences between these two contrasting areas. 
We have finished our work on rainforests and produced a display to show off our amazing work. We have used our cross curricular skills such as English, Maths, and Art to record our work.
Rainforest Art
Today we looked at the different animals which can be found in the rainforest. The children had a go at drawing their favourite animal. They began by drawing a basic outline with pencil marks. When the children had drawn the shape of the animals, they added in the finer details.
In the weekly guitar lesson the children have been working on four chords - D,C,G and A minor. They children used the chords to make simple representative tunes.
Watch out for the guitars playing jingle bells at the christingle service next week.
DT Christmas Decorations
As part of our DT work, we made Christmas decorations to hang outside our classroom. We used plain paper and cut 16 circles. We folded each circle and glues the edges. We are pleased with how they have turned out. 
Roundhay Park and Tropical World 
As part of our studies on The Amazon, we visited Tropical World and Roundhay Park in Leeds. We visited Tropical World to see the types of trees and animals that we would find in the Amazon. We identified where rain-forests are located and the climates that they have. We looked at the different layers of the rain-forests and what would be found in each layer. 
We also visited the woodlands in Roundhay Park to compare the rain-forests to the our woodland areas. We identified that the types and sizes of trees differ in each area.  
We found out that rain-forest are very wet areas but today, the woodlands were too. 
Inter School Football Competition.
Today a group of children from 6G and 6R played against each other in the inter school competition. The children taking part in the competition have been attending the after school football club and training really hard. All players put 100% effort in to the games and showed great sportsmanship. There was some great striking and excellent goal keeping. 
Lest We Forget
To mark the 100th anniversary of the Armistice Day signing, we made poppies to go around our classroom door. The children made red poppies to remember the soldiers who fought to protect us whilst other children chose to make purple poppies to remember the animals killed in war. 
Armistice Day Art
Whilst remembering Remembrance Day, we did some art work. The children used water colours to colour their work.
Remembrance Day
In 6G we have done work on Remembrance Day. We have remembered all of the brave, heroic soldiers who fought for our country.
We have made two displays from our work; one in the classroom and the other in the corridor.  Our displays have some English, maths and art work on them. Take a look!
Cosy Pyjama Disco
A lot of children from 6G attended the Cosy Pyjama Disco which was organised by the PTFA. Children wore their favourite pyjamas and danced to the best modern music. There was some fantastic dancers. Sweets, drinks, candy floss and hot dogs were eaten. 
We visited Blackpool and the pleasure beach. We all enjoyed ourselves playing on the rides. We pushed ourselves to try new rides and face some of our fears.
Obstacle Course
This week we did Mr Patterson's famous obstacle course. We had several obstacles including a net to crawl under and cones to swerve. Year 6 had to do 4 laps of the course.
It was good fun. 
Bluebell Garden
Today the children helped change the garden outside the office to a beautiful bluebell garden in memory of our very beautiful Belle. The children planted bluebell bulbs which will grow back every year.

Leaf Classification

In science we looked at the different features of different leaves. We used a classification chart to identify which trees the leaves came from.

Food Bank
We had a whole school assembly about helping the community and we discussed ways that we could help people around us. We later had a visit from our local bank and the visitor explained how we could all give a little to make a big difference. Some very kind members of 6G brought in food donations to help.
Today the children in 6G took part in the BeCyCling course. The children had instructors to help them improve their cycling skills. The children looked a riding safely on the road.
Extreme Frisbee
Today the children had an additional PE session to learn the rules and skills of Extreme Frisbee. The children enjoyed the session and many wanted to be entered to the Extreme Frisbee competition.  


In our music lessons we have been learning to play the guitars. We have been learning about the different strings and the sounds that they makes.

Our 3 religions
In year 6 we have three of the main religions to study - Buddhism, Sikhism and Christianity. We have identified the main features of each religion and discussed any similarities and shared believes between them. 
Penmanship Award
After only a few days in Year 6, these hard working children earned their penmanship award and are now allowed to do all of their work in pen. They were awarded the penmanship for beautiful handwriting with clear joins.
Well done.
These brilliant role models have been selected as our 6G prefects. It was their excellent behaviour, fantastic manners and hard work that saw them selected for the job. 
Class Councillor 
There were several children in 6G who wanted to be elected as our class councillor. The children produced manifestos to say why they would be best person for the job.
After a class a election, the children voted for Gracie.
Gracie has been to her first council meeting and is ready to represent our class and make the children's voices heard.
Gracie stated, "I am so excited to have been picked by my friends. I will do my best as a councillor".
New Beginnings.
This week we settled in to our new role as Year 6 children. We discussed what we want to achieve this year and set ourselves some goals and individuals targets.
The children made their own class rules and discussed consequences and rewards for their actions.
Mrs Gould was really impressed with how well the children settled in and hopes they work this hard all year