Autumn Term

Autumn 1 
In Science we have been learning about electrical circuits. We discovered that for a circuit to work, all parts have to be connected so it can allow the current to flow. We also investigated whether materials are insulators or conductors and used this information to create our own switches. 
In PE we have been learning about the different disciplines of Athletics. We have learnt about the push, pull and fling throws used in the throwing different events, taken part in races of different lengths and practiced both the long and triple jumps. We've been very busy!
Bike training
Year 4 had the fantastic opportunity to brush up their bicycle skills. They practiced maneuvering around obstacles as well as stopping safely. 
In RE we have been considering right and wrong, what it means to us and what different religions believe to be right and wrong. We looked at the key values of different religions and compared them before writing our own 'commandments' to live by. 
Trip to Magna
4H went on a trip to Magna as part of their science topic about Electricity. They got to explore all the different pavilions before taking part in an electricity workshop. In the workshop, they tested different materials to discover whether they were insulators or conductors by adding them into the circuit and observing if the bulb still lit up or not. After that, they had a challenge to apply their knowledge and build an extra large circuit so they could dry someone's dress. 
BFG Dream Jars
As part of their work around the BFG, 4H thought about their own dreams for the future before decorating their own jars with watercolours. 
Over the half term, 4H have completed their computing unit on Data Handling. This has involved the children sorting data and searching data bases by given criteria. They have also started to use Edexcel and discover the use of auto-sum. 
Autumn 2 
As part of our learning about States of Matter, we have been outside exploring and role-playing how the particles of solids, liquids and gases are made up differently. 
We have also observed how gases in soda can surround raisins and raise them to the top of the glass before they eventually fall again as the gas bubbles pop.  
E- Safety 
As part of our computing unit on E-Safeguarding, we have empathised with how we would feel if we were to receive mean messages online, considered how messages are perceived differently online and took part in conscience alley to think about the best way to deal with these unkind messages. 

In English we have been writing news reports about the day the wolf attacked in Arthur and The Golden rope. During our build up to writing, we role-played by freeze framing as if we were there on the day when the wolf attacked. This is increased our understanding of how the local people felt and led to us interviewing each other for direct and indirect quotes.

Tri- Golf
In PE we have been playing Tri- Golf. At the start of our learning, we were lucky to be introduced to the sport by a coach from Sports UK before some children went to compete in the competition. 
Design Technology
In DT we have been making Christmas pop-up cards. We started by looking at existing examples with out mechanism before designing, making and evaluating our own.
As part of our learning about Armistice 100 and remembrance we have made tow pieces of art. 
First we made silhouette of a soldier using card and a watercolour wash of a sunset.
Then we painted poppies using watercolours as part of a whole school poppy project. 
Performance poetry
In English we have been learning about performing poetry. We started by looking at examples such as Strict, Chocolate Cake and The Magic Box. We then wrote and performed our own poems, based on The Magic Box, to the rest of the class.