Autumn Term

We have settled in to Year one and we are already working hard!
Take a look at our fantastic 'Guess Who' writing display. We had to write facts about ourselves for our friends. Miss Gardner was very impressed with our writing.
We have been learning all about the story ' The Tiger Who Came to Tea'. 
  1. We have acted out the story with our friends. 
  2. We have created role on the walls about the characters in the story.
  3. We also played true or false games. We had to read a statement and say if it happened in the story or not!
  4. We even retold the story in our own words. - Take a look at our great writing. 

    Miss Gardner was very proud.
Today we went on a local walk all around Idle. 
Miss Gardner made us maps for us to follow as we walked around. We had to follow it with our partner. 
She showed us around and asked us to watch out for street signs about 'Jowett Cars'.
We saw signs and names of buildings such as:
  1. Jupiter Crescent
  2. Javelin House
  3. Jowett Court
  4. Javelin Close
When we got back to school we learnt even more about the Jowett Brothers and how they created their own Jowett car factory where Morrisons is now!
We can't wait to learn more!
We have been learning out about ourselves in Science. We have labelled our faces and our body.
We had a go at labelling our friend too! 
Take a look.
Miss Gardner has been challenging us in Maths. 
Take a look at our great problem solving. 
We love a challenge!
In ICT we have created our own paintings of the tiger from the story ' The Tiger Who Came to Tea'. 
Today we learnt how to ride bikes! It was very tricky but we had lots of fun. :)
We did some great explaining in Maths today using   'Greater Than'    'Less Than'   'Equal To'
We created a problem and challenged our friends to pick the correct phrase and explain their answer.
We have been on a fantastic trip to the Bradford Industrial Museum today learning all about the Jowett Cars and life over 100 years ago. 
We did a wash day workshop and had to find out what life was life like without electricity.
We found out about how people lived in the past and where they lived.
We looked around the back-to-back terraced houses and compared them to what we live in now.
We saw some Jowett cars too and had a go at sketching them. 
Today we took part in a sponsored obstacle course.
We went round the course 3 times. 
Our parents came to watch us and cheer us on. 
We had lots of fun!
Today we had an artist in our class called Sharon. She came to work with us all day. She taught us about the seasons and read a beautiful book called 'The Story Orchestra'. We learnt lots of new art skills and techniques too. We used graphite,pastels and paints to do observational drawings of our chosen season which was set up on our tables. We sketched,we painted,we experimented and it was so much fun!
Remembrance Day
In preparation for Remembrance day, we created their very own version of the poppy wave outside our classroom using oil pastels.
Do you like it?
Take a look at our lovely pastel work linking to the story 'The Little Hen and the Great War'
We loved performing our nativity 'The Inn-spectors' to the rest of Blakehill and our parents.
We went on a great trip to 'Kirkstall Abbey House Museum' to learn all about toys linking to our history topic. We learnt about old and new toys and compared them to each other. We even had a go using some of the old toys too!
In Art with Mrs Marsden we have been creating our very own Rangoli patterns using paper plates and 2D shapes. We tried to make our pattern symmetrical too.  
Whilst learning about Diwali and ' The Festival of Light' we created our own diva lights out of clay. We moulded the clay and painted it carefully. 
For the last two weeks in  our Art lessons we have been colouring our own sand and creating our own Rangoli mat with Mrs Marsden. We used 2D shapes and PVA glue to create out Rangoli mat. It took a lot of concentation to get it perfect. 
Do you like them?
We had a great time at our Christmas party in year 1! 
We learnt about the 4 seasons and created our very own calendar for 2019! Do you like it?
We designed,made and evaluated our own Christmas pop up cards! We learnt how to create a simple join. 
Computing - Word Document
In computing we have learnt how to type using the keyboard. It took us a while to get use to it. We also learnt how to use a capital letter on the key board.
We created our own calendar titles using word. This went on the top of our 'Seasons Calendar.' We had to type our own title using capital letters.
We had to change to font and size of the lettering too!
DT - Sewing
We learnt how to do a running stitch using our fine motor skills! We created our own decorations for our Christmas trees at home.