Autumn 2

Readers of the week 
Here are some of our readers who have filled their reading charts this half term by reading for pleasure this half term. 
Design technology
We have started our project building fairground rides. We started by learning more about the history of Blackpool and evaluating a range of example rides.
LO: Investigate and analyse a range of exisiting products 
LO: Select from and use a wide range of tools and equipmetn to perform practical tasks 
Computing - E-safety 
LO:  I can explain strategies to protect my ‘digital personality’
We considered the different factors which can affect our online personality such as sharing and cookies. We created advice posters about this on Google slides. 
We created origami Christmas decoration which extremley required accurate measuing, cutting and sticking. 
We created Christmas cards using water colours and marking sections with tape. 
Science - Electricity 
LO: Use recognised symbols when representing a simple circuit in a diagram.
We started our topic of changing circuits in science by recapping our Year 4 learning by building simple circuits. We then used symbols to draw diagrams representing what we have created. 
LO: Compare and give reasons for variations in how components function, including the brightness of bulbs 
Science - Living things and their habitats
LO: Give reasons for classifying animals based on specific characteristics
We have started our topic about living things by recapping our current knowledge on classification and how animals can be grouped. 
We repeated this with sweets to develop our ability to ask closed questions which helped us sort things before repeating the task again. 
LO: Plan different types of scientific enquiries to answer questions
LO: To recognise and control variables where necessary 
We have learnt that micro-organisms are another type of living thing and have decided to investigate how we can affect their growth. 
LO: research significant scientists and understand their legacy 
LO: Make comparisons between characters
We have started reading Armistice Runner by Tom Palmer in English. We started by completing a double bubble to compare the main character Lily - a runner - and her Great, Great Grandad Ernest who also love to run. 
LO: Predict what might happen from details stated and implied
As we read more, we have learnt about Ernest's experiences during the war and came to the point in the book: 'Then everything changed'. We used a decision wheel to consider what the different possible changes could be before considering the impact of each change. 
LO: infer characters’ moods and emotions using details stated and implied.
As we read on, we learnt about Gran's ill health and imagined we were Dad by hotseating as him. 
Knife crime talk 
PCOs came to speak to us about the dangers of knife crime and the consequences which go with it as part of their weapons awareness week. 
Sponsored obstacle course
Year 6 completed their final sponsored obstacle course at Blakehill. There were some particularly tricky parts for them to manage but they certainly enjoyed it. 
History - The Mayans
LO: To understand the significance of the Mayans
As we have finished our topic about the Mayans, we have created double page spreads to share everything we have learnt and to answer the question: why should we remember the Mayans? 
We also tried to make hot chocolate in the same way that they did using the instructions we had written. We had mixed responses to it!
LO: Introduction to key shapes
Our first gymnasticts lesson was an introduction into the key shapes we can use to move around. 
LO: To identify alternative words the author could have used 
We have been increasing our vocabulary by matching synonyms in dominoes style game
Black History 
As part of our Black History month learning, we have watched the film Hidden Figures which is about influential black women who worked at NASA. 
LO: to know about great artists in history
We have created art inpsired by Escher. 
LO: To understand the impact of events on modern history
We have written news reports about the day the judge ruled Mary Jackson could attend her engineering course at the local high school. 
LO: identify significant dates 
We have made timelines to reflect both the Space race and the lives of some of our 'Hidden Figures'. 
LO: To identify prime numbers up to 100
LO: To represent data in different graph types 
We have produced a bar graph to show data all about segregation during the 1960s and it's link to college education. 
We then produced a line graph to show how the mission duration time developed during the Space Race.