Autumn 2

We have enjoyed learning about Martin Luther King. Today we painted portraits of him. We mixed the colours very carefully.
Writing facts about Martin Luther King.
Making music!
Some of us used a thesaurus for the first time today.
We have been reading Peace Lily this week. Today we were answering questions about the story using retrieval and inference skills. It is a story about Remembrance.
Having fun on 'Children in Need' day.
In Design Technology we are making wheeled toys. Today we have been looking at some toys and trying to discover how they work.
Today we learnt how to attach wheels to the main body of the wheeled toy. There were three methods and we tried each one to see which worked best.
Then we designed our toy and decorated the wheels.
We decorated the toy and attached the wheels in one of three ways. The way in which we positioned the wheels on the toy meant that the toy moved in a different way.
We tested and then evaluated our wheeled toys. We had fun racing them. The 'Racer' design was the fastest but the 'Ditherer' and the 'Wanderer' designs were fun to watch because they moved in funny ways.
Happy Christmas everyone!