Autumn 2

Take a look at our working phonics display! In 2P we have daily phonics lessons to help us with our reading and writing. This week we have been learning all about the phoneme (sound) /ur/. We update our phonics wall weekly as our phoneme focus changes. This display helps us when we are writing and reading as we can refer to what we have learn in our phonics lessons. Each day, we build up our word bank together as a class and we practise writing and spelling these words on our whiteboards. At the end of each week, Miss Preston and Mrs Sheerin choose a phonics star of the week. These are a few children who have been trying their hardest during our phonics lessons and have applied this learning to other curriculum areas. 
Homework Projects!
In 2P we have had some fantastic homework projects coming into school based on our topic about Saltaire. Thank you for supporting your child to complete this homework challenge at home. Take a look at all of our projects, we are very proud of them. As a class we will vote for our homework project winner. Miss Preston and Mrs Sheerin think that all of the projects are wonderful and unique. What a brilliant attitude towards our learning that we have in Year 2! The children voted for Elijah as the Saltaire homework project winner. Well done Elijah.
Martin Luther King Jr. 
This week we have been introduced to learning all about Martin Luther King Jr. As a class we have explored the life of this significant person and have learnt lots of new facts throughout the timeline of Martin Luther King Jr's. life.
In our English lessons we used our knowledge of Martin Luther King Jr. to write our own 'I Have A Dream' speech. In our speeches, we thought about things that would help to make our world a better place and what we can do to help this change.
In our Art lessons we used lines of different thickness and length to draw our own portraits of Martin Luther King Jr. We have also manipulated chalk to shade and draw around our hands to make our handprint and represent our individuality and how everybody is equal and important. 
Finally, in our History lessons we have used question stems to complete some extended writing about Martin Luther King Jr. We were able to sequence the events throughout Martin Luther Kings Jr's. life to produce a detailed piece of writing. We are very proud of our work!
In 2P we have been really enjoying our music lessons. Recently we have been exploring and playing an instrument called the glockenspiel. We have been working with a partner to listen to all of the notes and tunes that we can create using this instrument. Our focus question for this half-term in music is "How does music teach us about the past?". We like when we get to play a range of instruments because this helps us to consolidate our learning and understanding of different instruments and how they work together to make certain sounds and pieces of music. 
Zones of Regulation - Regulating Emotions
Recently, the children have been introduced to the Zones of Regulation. We have learnt about the different characters and understood how they were feeling at different points. We learnt about the colours of each mood and recongised that we all feel these emotions and that these and normal feelings to experience. As a class, we discussed and created our Toolbox. This Toolbox has helped 2P to find ways of regulating our emotions so that we can make good choices about how we respond. This framework teaches students scaffolded skills toward developing a secure pathway to build awareness of their feelings and utilise a variety of strategies for regulation, self-care and wellness. Our Toolbox include strategies for mindfulness, movement and healthy communication. These posters are located around our school and inside our classroom to help children regulate during the school day! 
LO: Add two digit numbers
In our maths lessons we have been exploring addition and subtraction. This week we have be learning how to add together 2 digit numbers using a tens and ones model. On our whiteboards and in our maths books we were able to show our understanding of adding 2 digit numbers through showing our working out and how we got to our answer. We have also used lots of concrete resources to help us understand this area of our maths curriculum. 
Design and Technology
How will your Roly Poly toy move?
This week Year 2 have been designing and creating their own Roly Poly toy. First, we looked at the context of our learning to understand the importance of wheel structure and how this impacts the movement of a toy. Then, we created three different models of wheels to see which design would be most suitable for our toy. After this, we were introduced to vocabulary such as, ditherer, wonderer and straight to figure out how how our toy will roll. To create our model we designed our wheels and the body using a variety of materials. The most common materials that we picked were cardboard and paper and then we used glue to attach all of the parts together.  
Roly Poly Models
Take a look at our final products! We are very proud of our creations. Once we had created our toys we tested and evaluated them. We compared our end product to our design sketch and plan. We had the opportunity to test our Roly Poly toys on the carpet to identify how they moved depending on the placement of the wheels. We have a secure understanding of the importance of wheels to rolling toys. Well done Year 2 for your resilience and application of knowledge throughout this project.
LO: To use question marks and sentence openers to write a message for the notice board on Offley Street. 
This week the new text that we are learning all about, through enhancements of our English curriculum, is Hermelin the Detective Mouse! We have been understanding and applying a variety of skills to answer retrieval and inference questions to secure our knowledge of the story.
To embed our knowledge further, we looked at features of a message using accurate punctuation. Today we have been writing our own message for the Offley Street notice board for Hermelin to solve the mystery using clues. Throughout our writing we made sure that we used correct punctuation and provided the reader with a description and understanding of our lost item. 
LO: Recognising Coins
This week in Maths we have began a new unit. We are learning all about money! In our first lesson within this unit we were recognising and exploring coins. As a class and in groups we began to understand the value of each coin and the amount of coins we need to work out a variety of additions. We were able to manipulate and use concrete resources to help us with our reasoning and problem solving questions. Take a look at our fabulous book work. We are really proud of how independent and resilient we are becoming with our recording. 
LO: To use patters and textures to create a collage.
Today in our art lesson we have been working in pairs to create a Christmas collage using different colours, patterns and textures. We applied and recognised the skill of creating a collage by making sure that all of the gaps on the page were filled in and that the paper and other materials were being torn to an appropriate size for the area that we were working on. We used a range of coloured paper and felt to achieve our final designs!
Christmas Party!
Today was our Year 2 Christmas Party. We have had lots of fun this afternoon with our peers by playing a variety of games in the hall, wearing our party clothes and eating some delicious foods with our friends. Year 2 have worked really hard this term learning lots of new things across all of our curriculum areas. We cannot wait to continue our learning journey in 2022!
We are 2P!
Look at 2P in all of their party clothes ready for our fun afternoon! In 2P we have had a fantastic first term together. We have had the opportunity to extend our knowledge within all of the subject areas. We are really proud of our attitudes and motivations towards our learning. We cannot wait to return to school in January to be introduced to some new topics and dive back into our core subjects.