Autumn 1

LO: To use use pastels to create mood and feelings
We have used oil pastels to start producing art inspired by New York which is the setting of our class text The Good Thieves. We have started to think about creating a reflection using symmetry. Look out for the final piece!
LO: To understand strategies to deal with cyberbullying 
We have started by thinking about E-Safety. We have produced leaflets about how best to deal with Cyberbulling including strategies for gathering evidence. 
LO: To use a CAD application to create a representation of an object 
We have been using Tinkercad to try and create a 3D Maya temple. We had to consider the different angles as we built the object to try and keep it symmetrical. 
LO: To understand, read and order numbers up to 10 million 
In maths we have started the year by exploring place value of numbers all the way up to 10 million. 
In our first PE lesson we developed some of our team work skills. 
We have developed our frisbee skills over the half-term ahead of the competition. We ended up applying these into match scenarios. 
LO: To understand Maya beliefs 
We have been discovering what life was like for the Ancient Maya. We started by trying to figure out their number system as a class which then linked into their way of recording time and calendar. We made our own which we used to help solve Maya maths problems. 
We created art to reflect on all of the things that we value. 
We have been developing our tennis skills this half term focusing on: 

LO: Serve a ball/shuttle over a net to the opposition.

LO: understand and demonstrate the scoring techniques used in different Net and wall games.


LO: Demonstrate and explain the importance of the ready position in racket sports.

LO: Strike a rolled or volleyed ball.

LO: Choose the most appropriate tactics for a game.

LO: Work alone, or with team mates in order to gain points.