Autumn 1

***Home Reading Super Stars***
Well done to our pupils who have moved onto the next level of their reading reward charts! Keep up the great work with home reading.
***Star Writer ***
Congratulations to our Autumn term star writers. 

Daisy - for fabulous language choices in her setting description of Hudson Castle. 
 ~ Maths ~
LO: Use a formal written method to divide by 2 digit numbers
We have been developing our knowledge of the formal written method of long division. In order to be successful with our use of the method, we have had to build strategies to help us explore multiples of the divisor. We have developed a way of working out the multiples using known times table facts.
Now that we have developed these strategies, we are able to take a systematic approach to the method and work methodically in order to solve calculations and reasoning problems.  
 ~ History  ~
LO: Understand the contribution of the Maya calendar to society today
We have been exploring the very complex calendar that the Ancient Maya  Civilisation used and discussed the similarities and differences with the solar calendar we use today.
We were at first baffled to find out that there are 2 different calendars that work together: The sacred calendar and the solar calendar!
The scared calendar has 13 months of 20 days (260 days in total - the gestation period of a baby) 
The solar calendar has 18 months of 20 days and 1 month of 5 days.   
It will take 52 years on the Maya calendar for a date to be repeated! 
~ History ~
LO: Understand how the Maya used an advanced form of symbols for numbers and writing called hieroglyphics
Today Mrs Russell presented us with a set of symbols and numbers. Working together we tried to figure out what the Maya number system looked like. 
We discovered there were 20 different symbols, eventually we are able to correspond these to the numerals we use today. We found out that the Maya used a based 20 number system (because you have 20 fingers and toes in total). 
LO: Infer details from information stated and implied. 
This week have been thinking about what the main character from our class reader (The Good Thieves) is going to devise as a plan to help her Grandfather. Vita's Grandfather has been cheated out of their family castle and a priceless emerald that has been hidden there. 
6R worked in groups to create plans using events, items of significance and themes from the story so far. They thought of the positive and negative points for each plan then chose their favourite to develop in more detail.  
Lo: Explore colour, tone and shade through different mediums 
6R have started to look at building up to creating a piece of art work linked to our class reader. Using New York City as a stimulus, pupils are going explore colour, reflection and silhouettes.
To start with we have investigated a number of mediums that could be used to create a sunset sky. We thought about the mediums ability to blend and played with layering colours. We evaluated the different medium and chose one to create the background of our final piece. 
Lo: identify and understand negative numbers 
This week 6R have been investigating negative numbers. They have thought about negative numbers in real life context, place value of negative numbers and calculating with negative numbers. We found that number lines were really useful to help us understand the numerical difference between negative and positive numbers.
~English ~
Spelling Games 
We have been playing a number of spelling games this half term to help us remember our weekly spellings and the statutory words for Key Stage 2. 
We have particularly enjoyed playing bingo and clear the board. 
LO: identify geographical locations of ancient civilisations  
To gain a good understanding about where the Maya Civilisation was found 6R have been looking at its location on a world map. Today they identified the location of many ancient civilisations on a world map and were able to discuss their judgements made in the previous lesson about why the Maya Civilisation lasted so long compared to other ancient civilisations. To challenge 6R we asked them to draw a world map freehand then plot the civilisations. 
This week 6R have been trying out different reading techniques during our reading lessons. We have used paired reading (taking it in turns to read sections of the text), popcorn reading (passing the reading onto someone else in class) and also reading torches ( tracking the text through the use of a coloured torch). 

6R have enjoyed exploring all of these techniques but they particularly liked the reading torches and being able to read in the dark! 
~English ~
LO: Describe settings
Our class reader, The Good Thieves, opens with a steamliner arriving in New York City. To help 6R really think about what the character would have seen for her first sights of “The Big Apple” we explored a number of images of New York from the time the book was set. Pupils worked together to pick out features of the city that they could use to help then write a setting description. They came up with some fabulous ideas such as: 
- a broken stairway to the skies 
- buildings slot together like jigsaw pieces 

- a network of streets criss-crossed across the city 
LO: Identify and locate religious buildings
This term 6R will be focusing on sacred places for the religions of Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.
To introduce the topic we thought about our local area and the different religious buildings that can be found near. By using grid references and a key, 6R were able to explore an A-Z of the locality of BD10 with confidence. They found an abundance of religious buildings and were able to make judgments about the history of communities in the surrounding areas. They were also able to see how many religious buildings are close to a building from another religion, supporting our initial conversations about Bradford being a diverse city. 
~English ~
LO: Make informed predictions 

As a hook for diving into our class reader for this half term, 6R have been exploring a prop bag fillies with items that play a significant role in the storyline. 6R worked together in groups to create links between the objects in the prop bag, which they then used to make predictions about the story. There were some fantastic story summaries created and many pupils correctly inferred that there are some events in the story linked to a thief! 

We can’t wait to start reading The Good Thieves by Katherine Rundell ( our class author) and I am sure there will be some amazing writing created by 6R around it! 
~School Council Representative~ 
Thank you to Oscar, Ivy and Hannah who all put forward a fantastic manifesto to represent 6R in our school council. All children made thoughtful and valuable points in their speeches and 6R had a tough decision to make when they decided who to vote for. 

Well the votes and have counted and varied by our very glamorous assistant Mrs Feather and we are pleased to announce that Ivy has been elected! Well done Ivy!