Autumn 1

Wlecome Back!
We have already been really busy learning and having fun!
English Phase 2 Axis of emotion 
We explored how James (James and the giant peach) might have felt at different points. we generated a vocabulary list of emotion and ordered them from the least intense to the most intense. 
Maths Place Value
We used concrete resources like Base 10 and Place value counter to create 3 to 4 digit numbers. Once we were confident at doing this, we moved on to abstract learning and drawing the models in our books. 
Science - State of Matter
What is the fastest way to melt an ice cube?
English Phase 2 Drama 
Conscious Alley
Should James enter the peach after he has seen this fox size hole? 
Science Changing state
Observing how a solid changes into a liquid when heated
Melting chocolate 
What makes me a good friend?
Practising the skill of jumping and running 
Exploring different games and their features