Autumn 1

We are 2P!
Throughout the school year this page will be updated by documenting what we have been learning about at school and how we explore and understand the different curriculum areas. Please keep checking our class page regularly so that you are aware of the exciting learning and progress that we are making.
Daily Reading
In 2P we like our daily reading task. We are able to sit at our tables or sometimes in the reading area to practise reading. Miss Preston and Mrs Sheerin really enjoy hearing us read! We have table books to choose from that support our reading books that we choose to take home each day and we have a range of books in our reading area. These books vary from traditional stories, fiction books, non-fiction books and comic books. 
Fun at playtime!
We have lots of fun at playtime as we are able to move our bodies, get some fresh air and use all of the brilliant equipment. This year we are enjoying sitting on the buddy benches! This is an area where we can talk to our friends and eat our healthy snacks.
LO: To use question stems to find out about the life of a significant individual.
Today in our History lesson we have been using question stems to find out about Titus Salt. We have been thinking about how he is important to our local history and the influence he has had on Saltaire. In groups we had to look at some old photographs and other clues to find out information about Titus Salt! 
LO: To use retrieval skills to identify adjectives.
Our new text that we are reading in English is George's Marvelous Medicine by Roald Dahl! We are really enjoying the book so far. This week we have be focusing on chapter 1 of the story all about George's Grandma. Today we had to use our retrieval skills to pick out adjectives that best describe Grandma. We did this with a partner and then we wrote some sentences describing Grandma independently. 
We like to do our phonics lessons everyday in Year 2! This week we have been learning all about the /igh/ sound. In these lessons, we have been using the /igh/ sound to spell words that feature this sound when it is written as /y/ and /i/. For example, we practised writing the words, why, shy, myself, fry, kind, wild and child. Our phonics lessons really help us when we are spelling words, writing in our English books and reading. 
LO: To use multi-step instructions to programme a human robot using an algorithm.
Today in 2P we went outside to follow instructions as a human robot! We used vocabulary such as right, left, backwards and forwards before we were able to move. We worked as a team to be aware of our surroundings and space before giving or receiving instructions. 
Saltaire - Educational Visit
Today Year 2 have been on an educational visit to Saltaire! At school we have been learning all about Titus Salt and how this is significant to our local history. We went to Saltaire and Victoria Hall to find out more about Titus Salt and the life of people at this time. We had a wonderful time at Roberts Park where we sat inside the bandstand so that we could draw the statue of Titus Salt and other important features around Saltaire.
LO: To use different textures and patterns to create a collage of Titus Salt.
Today in 2P we used our knowledge of Titus Salt to work with a partner to use coloured paper and glue to create a collage of Titus Salt. As a class we discussed the features of Titus Salt and how we could represent these in our work. We are very proud of our creation and they will be displayed in our classroom!
LO: Check Calculations
Recently in our maths learning we have moved onto addition and subtraction. This week we have been checking our calculations by using concrete resources. We have been using cubes and counters to check our number sentences and answers. We have also discussed our answers and reasoning on the carpet and with the people sat at our tables to share our ideas and how we can prove that our addition and subtraction calculations are correct.
Happy Halloween from 2P!
2P have had a great day today. It was wonderful to see so many children excited for Halloween. We reflected on our first half-term together as a class and we discussed what we are looking forward to learning about when we come back after the school holiday.