We have been very busy already! Please have a look at the fabulous learning, teamwork, sharing of ideas and practical work we have been doing. 
Times Table Champions
Every week, for homework, we practise multiplication and division facts for a particular times table. Then we 'battle' in our groups to be the CHAMPIONS! This takes hard work as it tests our instant recall. Have a look at our champions. 
PE Stars
Every week in our Indoor PE with Mr Simmons, he chooses someone who has impressed him with key PE skills. This may be teamwork, a positive attitude, resilience, helping others or showing tenacity with a particular skill. Have a look at our superstars!
In preparation for our new classroom and a new year in Key Stage 2, we reflected on ourselves. We thought about what our dreams and wishes were for the next school year, what we were looking forward to and how much we had changed over the previous year. We looked in the mirror and carefully examined our own reflection. We built upon our understanding of symmetry in maths to show mastery of drawing techniques and create a self portrait. We had to think carefully about where we placed key features and mimic the sizing of these carefully. 
PE: Striking and Fielding
We have begun our PE learning by developing our throwing skills. We have learnt how to throw to a target. Next, we have developed our fielding skills by being aware of our surroundings and working with others. Now we have become more aware of our surroundings, we have developed our catching skills and incorporated throwing and catching into playing games. 
PE: Gymnastics 
We learnt that we can jump in different ways. We refreshed our understanding of how to jump safely from Year 2 and thought carefully about using every part of our body to perform a jump that showed finesse. We then explored crating sequences using the equipment and making different shapes with our body. 
Reading: Comprehension
We have been developing our retrieval and inference skills. We have been working together to find the clues and proof in a text to prove an answer correct. 
English: The Twits
We have been reading the Twits and can't help but chuckle at how horrible and cheeky they are! We have used our reading skills to retrieve and infer about the main characters: The Twits; learnt about the features of a letter and learnt about apostrophes for contraction. We developed our understanding of different word types, sentence types and how to be particular with our choice of vocabulary. 
Science: Rocks and Soils 
We have looked at different rocks and developed our ability to compare and group. We have learnt new vocabulary to describe their properties and found similarities between them. Next we built upon this understanding that rocks have different properties to investigate the hardness of different rocks. We were also pleased that we could recognise the names of lots of rocks from last week. 
Maths: Place Value
We have been developing our place value understanding so that we can now explain numbers up to 1000. We have used concrete resources to make sure that we are confident with this! Some of use struggled to understand number lines so we took number cards into the playground, used the lines on the floor and practised jumping the 'steps' of a number line. This helped us to understand what it represented. Then we could spot missing numbers and jump on the correct spot to represent a particular number. By the time we went back to the classroom we were number line whizzes! We have worked together to help each other when we struggled with the tricky task of exchanging to find more and less then. 
In music with Mr Nash, we will be learning how to play the recorder. We began by learning key notes in music notation so that we can read rhythm. We then learn basic technique of how to hold a recorder. We now know that we use our left thumb and first finger to play the note b. 
We have even been lucky enough to apply our understanding of rhythm to playing the ukuele! 
Art: Pencil Drawing
This half term, we will be exploring different pencil skills in order to create the different aspects of a picture such as tone, texture and crosshatching. To begin, we explored using different pencil types to create different tone. We learnt that tone can be light or dark and that pencils of a different HB can be one of the things that impacts this. 
Computing Science
In computing this half term we are learning that computers have programs which make them work. We are exploring the first step in this by creating algorithms. To begin we learnt what the key words algorithm, debug and errors mean. We practically explored creating an algorithm: instructions and how to make them as clear as possible.